June 15, 2015

World of Angel Arena v15.0e fix AI

Map World of Angel Arena 2015 v15.0e fix AI - Wofaa_v15_0e fix_AI.w3x by Vvopaa Abidin2171 MGT1_XPert

Version 15.0e +1.25 AI - No cheats, no bugs
Here come the day when should go Wofaa 15.0e version 
is the latest version 15.0, the next version will be a long-awaited 15.1a 
version 15.0e 
+ AI.Boty not correct crowd in the center. 
+ Strengthened Regen Akama, Arthas returned to the old regen x (50 sec.). 
+ Demonic Reinforced Stun Illidan. 
+ Increased health Deathwing and Sindragosa, reduce their size. 
+ Antikempingovaya system works on unseen forces. 
+ Reduced prices for Hearts Angels 
+ Now with certain monks or cloak or falls Bowl 
+ Rewritten ability Mithril Armor: reduce the chance, rose absorbs damage. 
Rage + Sha weakened 2.5 times 
the duration of Stun + Reduced capacity "Stun" from Pandaria 2 times, damage increased by 2 times . 
+ Reduced the initial velocity of the battle mages. 
+ Increased the damage of Pyroblast, reduced the duration of the training. 
+ Increased the damage of Fireball, Ice Blast, Frostbolt, lightning, Drain Soul, poisoned thorns piercing Death. 
+ Increased the duration of the substitution and Reloading 5 seconds. 
+ Added ability levels Pandaria pass, Anub'arak, Hordona and Akama. 
+ Rewritten Elan Pandaria 
+ Scatter increase the chances of a random number (it was between 1 and 2, it was between 1100) 
Legendary Armor + 2000 adds to health (1200 ). 
+ Ragnaros does not fall Sulfuras, now he is given when choosing geroya.Sokrushitelny blow replaced by Absorption Magic. 
+ Removed a crushing blow at the Frostmourne. 
+ Loot the prince falls closer to the entrance Artes. (incoming enemies that did not manage to steal items) .Ubran initial drop from Princes. 
+ Increased spread of numbers and the drop rate of items with family Archimonde. 
+ Improved bots, they now take a superhero. 
+ Pandaren and Anub'arak can beat the air force. 
+ given weapons winners. 
+ The camera was smoother 
+ Increased radius purchase predmetov.Teper standing next to mine, you can buy items from any store, not approaching close.

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