June 06, 2015

X Hero Siege D-Day v1.3

Map X Hero Siege D-Day v1.3.w3x by BloodDrunk

Map Info:
Select your hero and fight your wave to the DevilDare, while defending your Headstructure (Skull Of Dread). Challenge yourself by doing various missions and fightning minibosses.
Available Game Modes: -ar ,-ap, -sh, -sm, -bg

Ap (All Pick) - Players gets to pick any hero from any tavern
Ar (All Random) - A random hero is given to every player
Sh (Same Hero) - Randomizes host's hero and players are given the same hero that the host controls
Sm (Spam Mode) - FOR FUN ONLY! Spells have no cooldown or manacost
Bg (Bonus Gold) - Players gain periodic income depending on game difficulty

Download: X Hero Siege D-Day v1.3.w3x
Display available cheat codes by typing "-cheats"

Available Cheat Codes:

-um (Unobstructs your movement)
-om (Obstructs your movement)
-gold # (Adds input number gold to you)
-gems # (Adds input number gems to you)
-freeze gold (Freezes your current gold)
-freeze gems (Freezes your current gems)
-kill enemies (Kills all organic enemy units on the map)
-lvlup # (Sets the level of your hero to the input number (Max is 25))
-invurnerable (Makes your hero invurnerable)
-vurnerable (Makes your hero vurnerable)
-str # (Adds input number to your strength points)
-agi # (Adds input number to your agility points)
-int # (Adds input number to your intelligence points)
-ms # (Sets your hero's movespeed to the input number)

Available Ingame Commands:
-br1 (buyrune1)
-br2 (buyrune2)
-ms (movespeed)
-msa (movespeedall)
-ping (1-8)
-camera #
-sell gold #
-sell gems #
-give gold # #
-give gems # #
-name (your new name here)

Custom Resource Manipulation System

Trading Resources
You can activate the command by typing "-sell gold/gems ", followed by the amount of resource you'd want to sell.
The calculation for gems is: amount of sold gold divided by 200.
The calculation for gold is: amount of sold gems times 200.

Example 1: -sell gems 800 -> this will remove 800 gems from you and give you 800 * 200 = 160 000 gold.
Example 2: -sell gold 200 000 -> this will remove 200 000 gold from you and give you 200 000 / 200 = 1000 gems.

Giving Resources
Custom resource trading system used for trading goods between players.
You can give resources by typing "-give gold/gems ", followed by a player number (1-8), and then afterwards the amount of resource you're willing to give.

Example: -give gold 6 25000 -> This will give 25 000 gold to player 6
Note that you cannot send resources to yourself.

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