July 13, 2015

Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.0b

Map Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.0b - NinpouStormMN4.0b.w3x by Fire_Arkangel

- Shikamaru fixed
- Fixed ultimate weapon recipe
- Fixed repick issues (example: always picking Haku)

- Fire Kusanagi improved (now deals 500 + 2.0 X Str instead of just 500 and critical chance was increased from 10% to 20%), and now affect buildings
- Sanbi armor now has an active skill that makes the caster immune to negative buffs during 3 seconds
- ANBU mask now has an active skill that halve genjutsu and ninjutsu from the target for 5s
- Body Swap doesn't proc mirror anymore, but now doesn't cancel the caster spells
- Fixed damage of Senbons dance
- All elemental kunais weapons' taijutsu bonus reduced by 20 (legendary not affected)
- Now you can upgrade Life and Chakra stone up to level 4
___+Level 1: 500 HP/500 MP. Cost: 800/400
___+Level 2: 1000 HP/1000 MP. Recipe Cost: 2700
___+Level 3: 1500 HP/2000 MP. Recipe Cost: 2700
___+Level 4: 2000 HP/4000 MP. Recipe Cost: 2700
- New utilitary item: Gunbai (Ignore the first damage you receive in 5 seconds after activation). Price: 3000. Cooldown: 40s.

Heroes balance:
- Asuma: Decreased damage of Hien
- Temari E bug fixed, increases proc of her passive
- Ohnoki W back to old style
- Tsunade: skills now has additional effects when on Byakugou, change W to a target skill
- Sakura: Decreased cooldown of semi from 50s to 30s, change W to a target skill
- Darui: Casting time reduced, but range of semi also reduced
- Rock Lee: Eight gates doesn't kill him anymore. Instead, it drops 90% of his HP.
- Chouji: Reduced damage, Butterfly mode now is a passive ability
- Jiraiya: Reduced damage of semi and taijutsu bonus from his T from 70 to 50
- Orochimaru: W back to Rashomon
- Itachi: Bushin damage increased from Int X Lvl X 0.7 to Int X Lvl
- A: Spells now deal additional damage when on Raiton Armor Mode
- Muu: semi now deals chaos damage
- Haku: W back to 1.3 style

New features:
- New Naruto Six-Tails Mode and Sasuke Taka skills
- New hero: Raiga
- New hero: Granny Chiyo

New heroes passives/starting abilities:
- Kakuzu:
[Jiongu]: Each time you kill a hero you recover 10% of your HP
- Sakura:
[Chakra Enhanced Strength]: Increase your damage by 30% during 15 seconds. Cooldown: 60
- Shikamaru:
[Kibaku Fuda]: Plant a Kibaku Fuda on a location that serves as a ward. Last 180 seconds. Cooldown: 60
- Asuma:
[Chakra Blades]: Increase your speed by 25 during 10 seconds. Cooldown: 60
- Tsunade:
[Chakra Transfer Technique]: Transfer 2% of your chakra to the target per second.
- Ino:
[Mind Distraction Jutsu]: The first spell the target cast is cancelled. Last 5 seconds. Cooldown: 60
- Hinata/Neji:
[Byakugan]: See invisible and bunshin units
- A:
[Shunshin no Jutsu]: Teleport to the nearest enemy within 400 radius. Cooldown: 30
- Tobirama:
[Edo Tensei Kibaku Fuda]: Destroy all Edo Tensei units in the map, making them explode and deal 1 X Genjutsu damage each one.
- Hashirama:
[Healing Power]: Increase life regeneration and movement speed of nearby allies.
- Suigetsu:
[Hidrification Technique]: There is 5% chance to avoid a damage.
- Haku:
[Frozen Attack]: Normal attacks slow enemies by 1s.
- Gengetsu:
[Mirage Genjutsu]: Passively create a mirage of yourself each 20s. The mirage lasts 5s.
- Mu:
[Fission Technique]: Create a perfect clone of yourself. The clone doesn't cast spells, but takes the same amount of damage. Last 10 seconds. Cooldown: 30s
- Killer Bee:
[Samehada Sword]: Each attack drains 50 chakra
- Kisame:
[Unleash Samehada Sword]: Each attack has a chance to deal critical damage. Last 10 seconds. Cooldown: 60
- Orochimaru:
[Sickle Neck]: Grabs a enemy
- Temari:
[Evasion]: Has a chance to avoid a ranged attack
- Zabuza:
[Critical Strike]: Normal attack has a chance to deal critical damage
- Sai:
[Assassin's Mark]: Mark a target enemy, giving vision of him during 30s. Cooldown: 180

Download: NinpouStormMN4.0b.w3x
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