July 25, 2015

Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.1b

Map Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.1b - NinpouStormMN4.1b.w3x by Fire_Arkangel

Version 4.1 Changelog:
- Added Death Recap system (type -damage and you can see the list of damages you received and dealt)
- Removed option of 40 deaths on Survival Mode
- Decreased ANBUs dog bash chance
- On survival/battle royal mode, now when a hero dies, he drops a soul that when picked recovers 20% of HP and MP
- On domination mode, now there are portals that teleport among the camps

- Fixed Zetsu attacking on Mayfly if he has orb
- Fixed bug of Muu T while others are on duel
- Fixed Naruto and Minato teleport
- Fixed spells that suddenly lose target like Guren Q, Chiyo R, Killer Bee R (need to know if there are any others..)
- Fixed of Amaterasu on Sasuke
- Fixed Hashirama 1000 hands sometimes not casting
- Ohnoki: Fixed R and T sometimes not working
- Deidara: Fixed Q sometimes (very rarely) not working
- Fixed bug of Explosive Kunai sometimes not dealing damage

- Killer Bee: Damage of W changed from magic to normal
- Changed Kakuzu Q to Int X Lvl
- Decreased casting time of Haku T a little and passive now makes attack have 10% chance to freeze the target during 1 second, but casting range of Q decreased
- Fixed Naruto Kyuubi Chakra Mode Rasengan damage
- Fixed bugs with some heroes (like sasuke and naruto) on battle royal mode starting at level 1
- Decreased Neji casting time
- Added Ultimate Choose to Hashirama
- Hidan: Semi life regeneration decrease, but now doesn't slow (with Scythe, the regeneration range is hugely increased)
- Hidan new passive: Berserk (you gain more strength when your hp is low. formula: (1 - percentage of hp) / 500 * current strength, not including bonus)
- Nagato new passive: Amegakure Rain (makes rain above a determined area, making all enemies who pass by it detectable on minimap. Last 60 seconds. Cooldown: 180s)
- Kabuto new starting ability: Destroy nervous system (prevent the unit from being healed during 30s. Cooldown: 120s)
- Now when Lee activates the Eighth Gate, he is immune to negative effects
- Tenten new passive: Weapon master (Price of Ninja Weapons like Fuuma Shuriken, Explosive Kunai and Senbons Dance is reduced by 500g to the whole team) and haven't starting cooldown
- Kiba new passive: Piss (Get vision of the area he passes by during 3 additional seconds)
- Kaguya new starting ability: Dimension Shift (teleport near to the entry of your portal, if it exists. Cooldown: 180s)
- Chouji new starting ability: Yummy! (Gives randomly a chakra sweet, sushi or fried chicken when activated. cooldown: 100s)
- Konan new passive: Explosive notes (when she dies, she deals damage around her equal to 3 X Genjutsu), now her Q deals less damage when target is hit by explosion
- Added Maito Gai level 50 skill: Eighth Gate.
- New team: Master Puppeters (Kankuro + Sasori + Chiyo): 100% of damage is shared among the three units.
- Damage of Itachi R increased a bit
- Danzo T suicide skill is now passive, as well as Chouji butterfly (sorry, forgot to implement...)
- Sasori taijutsu gain on Sandaime Kazekage puppet form reduced from 20 x lvl to 10 x lvl
- Danzo new passive: Vaccuum Blade (infuse his kunai with wind chakra, gaining a temporary speed boost when he attacks the target. When user is on Izanagi, attack has also 20% chance to silence enemy for 2s).
- Sasori + Deidara team bonus changed: Instead of fireworks, now they gain 1 additional genjutsu each time they level up.

- Triple-Bladed Scythe stats increased by 10
- Akatsuki Cloth: Shadow Meld replaced by Akatsuki Set's Shadow Meld
- Akatsuki Set: Now invisibility really isn't detectable by mirror (sorry, it was bugged...)
- Instead of HP, Kusanagi now gives +10 stats
- Increased armor reduction of Dark weapons from -15 to -20
- All super boots changed: You get a speed buff when you leave the fountain area on your base
- Scroll of Summoning: Medical Slug summoned has better heal, more casting range and now can carry items
- Decreased cooldown of Gunbai from 40s to 30s
- Increased casting speed of Flash Bomb
- Changed Legendary Shuriken active skill to Shunshin no Jutsu: Allow to teleport instantly to a short distance
- Cooldown of Bomb reduced from 40s to 30s
- Explosive tags now stuns for 1.5s
- You can now merge an elemental weapon (i.e., Fire Kunai) with a high level ninja weapon (i.e., explosive kunai)
+ The following combinations provide the high level ninja weapon additional effects:
++ Water Kunai + Explosive Kunai: Enemy get slowed by 50% for 4 seconds.
++ Wind Kunai + Explosive Kunai: Increase casting range of explosive kunai by 500.
++ Lightning Kunai + Explosive Kunai: Enemy get esnared by 2 seconds.

++ Wind senbons + Senbons Dance: Increase casting range of Senbons dance by 500.
++ Lightning senbons + Senbons dance: Enemy get esnared by 2 seconds.
++ Fire senbons + Senbons dance: Increase area of effect of Senbons dance by 200.
++ Earth senbons + Senbons dance: Enemy get stunned by 1 second.

++ Fire shuriken + Fuuma shuriken: Increase area of effect of Fuuma shuriken by 200.
++ Water shuriken + Fuuma shuriken: Enemy get slowed by 50% for 4 seconds.
++ Earth shuriken + Fuuma shuriken: Enemy get stunned by 1 second.
But increment high level ninja weapon cooldown by 10 seconds.
The others combinations don't give additional effects, but stay the same cooldown.
- Price of Orb of Darkness reduced from 6000 to 5000

Download: NinpouStormMN4.1b.w3x
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