August 12, 2015

LTW - Evolution v2.34

Map LTW - Evolution v2.34 opt.w3x Created by Robbepop (Northrend) ; Uploaded by: Robbepop

This is the newest version of my Line Tower Wars - Evolution map.
It is an alround LTW with an awesome performance due to the complete usage of vJass code.
The first player can choose from several game modes at the beginning of a game which influences the whole gameplay afterwards and is so able to customize his own game.

Play against the computer by occupying computer slots.
There are three available difficulties (easy, normal, insane) which have an influence on the power of the A.I. oponent.

Tower Types
- Missile Tower - Medium tower which has got an average power against all creep types.
- Siege Tower - Deals splash damage but can only attack ground units.
- Anti-Air Tower - Can only attack air units but is very effective against them.
- Spell Tower - Deals chaos damage and has certain spells to protect you against attacker and boss creeps.
- Aura-Tower - Buffs your towers or debuffs your enemies.
- Mine - Doesn't block the way for creeps and is usefull if you would leak strong ground units.
- Wall - Can't attack but can greatly protect your towers against enemy attackers.
- Detector - The only tower which is able to detect invisible enemy units.
- Barricade - Useful to extend your maze with low gold costs. Can be upgraded to any other tower.
- Elemental Tower - Very strong tower type with unique abilities. A player can only have one tower of this type at the same time.

Available Modes
-noattacker [-ns]
-noair [-na]
-gold x
-life x
-tower x
-food x
-fastmode [-fm]
-streamincome [-si]
-hardgame [-hg]
-nolimits [-nl]
-randomspawn [-rs]
-terrainsnow [-ts]
-nomagic [-nm]
-enablecmd [-ec]

Available Commands
-swapon / -swapoff / -son / -soff
-clear / -clr / -cls / -c
-income / -inc / -i
-lifes / -l
-hintsoff / -hoff

Download: Ltw-Evolution v2.34 opt.w3x
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