August 21, 2015

Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.2e

Map Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.2e - NinpouStormMN4.2e.w3x by Fire_Arkangel

Version 4.2 Changelog:

- Added three new commands:
- ms: Show the current movement speed of your hero (OK!)
- range x: Display marks around your hero that indicates a determined range
- rangeoff: Hide the marks
- Added switch command.
- Add new mode: Draft Pick (Red, Yellow and Gray can ban at max two heroes during 30 initial seconds)
- Survival Mode XP rate now increase with death limit (5 deaths = 100%, 10 deaths = 150%, 15 deaths = 200%) (OK!)
- Fixing bug of runes sometimes not spawning on units death on Survival/Battle Royal/Domination mode (OK!)

- Description of spells greatly improved (OK!)
- Danzo: Ura Shiso Fuinjutsu also slow nearby enemies. (OK!)
- Sasuke: Cursed Seal: Damage of semi reduced. (OK!
- Sasuke: Taka Leader: Indra's arrow remove. Damage of Enton: Magatama increased. (OK!)
- Sasuke: Taka Leader: Added starting skill: Rinnegan: Swap of position with the target. Cooldown: 60s (just like body-replacing item) (OK!)
- Raiga: New semi: Fangs of Lightning, damage of T decreased (OK!)
- Orochimaru: D changed to Cursed Seal: Mark the target for 15 seconds. If orochimaru kill the target during that time, he recovers 20% of his life (only affects heroes). Cooldown: 120s (OK!)
- Tobirama: Starting skill changed to: Hiraishin no Jutsu: Marks the target for 15 seconds. The next time Tobirama uses Suiton: Suijinheki, he is teleported to the target location. Cooldown: 90s. (OK!)
- Tobirama: Targets too close to his semi get their screen blackened by 1 second. (OK!)
- Guren: E now gives "bash" buff to the target (OK!)
- Guren: Passive now reflect 7% of spells damage back to the target (OK!)
- Guren: Semi now silences enemies in area during 2s (OK!)
- Guren: T damage changed from 12 x Genjutsu to 10 x Genjutsu and now stun for 1.5 seconds when hit. Cooldown decreased from 80s to 60s. (OK!)
- Sai: New ultimate choice: Ride Ink Bird: Allow Sai to fly over the map and give him +30 ninjutsu. (OK!)
- Naruto Kyuubi: Damage of his semi decreased a bit again. (OK!)
- Naruto Kyuubi: New passive: Evil sensing: He can sense on minimap if someone is targeting a skill on him, even if that someone is on fog. (OK!)
- Naruto Kyuubi: Rasengan damage now really fixed (OK!)
- Zetsu: Demon Trees replaced by Mokuton: Sashiki no Jutsu, that deals damage around him and stun nearby enemies. (OK!)
- Zetsu: Spore technique concept changed. Now Zetsu "disappear" and enter on target's body, slowing him greatly while dealing 33 x skill level damage and draining 15 x skill level chakra per second during three seconds. (OK!)
- Zetsu: New starting skill: Devour: Makes the target (enemy or ally) disappear from the map during three seconds. It has a casting time of 0.5s. Cooldown: 90s. (OK!)
- Kisame: New starting skill: Clone Swap: Replace your position with your clone instantly. Cooldown: 90s. (OK!)
- Kisame: Samehada Fusion: Damage of Suiton: Daikodan no Jutsu increases proportionally to the target's chakra pool. (OK!)
- Kisame: Damage of his semi decreased from 750 x lvl + 6 x tai to 600 x lvl + 6 x tai. (OK!)
- Temari: New Passive: Guarding Winds: Increase movement speed of nearby allies by 15%. (OK!)
- Zabuza: Passive changed to: Assassin Instinct: Each time he kills a hero, he gains +2 taijutsu permanently. (OK!)
- Asuma: Now if he has chakra blades, W has 30% chance to deal double damage each strike. (OK!)
- Asuma: Now if he has chakra blades, Hien has 20% chance to deal double damage each strike. (OK!)
- Asuma: Now if he has chakra blades, Wind Assault can pass through cliffs. (OK!)
- Asuma: Now if you choose Katon: Haisenkisho, it makes his semi also slow nearby enemies by 50%. (OK!)
- Kakuzu: Q back to 120 x skill level. (OK!)
- Mei: New starting skill: Charm (while it is activated, everyone who target skill you will be stunned for 2s. Last 5 seconds. Cooldown: 180s). (OK!)
- Kakashi: New starting skill: Raiton Bunshin: Create a clone that upon death deals 3 x Ninjutsu damage and slow nearby enemies. Last 10 seconds. Cooldown: 60s. (OK!)
- Kakashi ANBU: Increase damage of ultimate from 10 x agi to 12 x agi (OK!)
- Kakashi ANBU: Damage of Doton: Doryuuheki increased (OK!)
- Kakashi: Damage of Raikiri when he has sharingan on not chaos anymore (OK!)
- Kakashi: Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu keep tracks of the target, giving visibility of him during 5s. (OK!)
- Fixed Zetsu bug on Mokuton trap sometimes not dealing damage (OK!)
- A: Instead of teleporting to an enemy, Shunshin now teleport to an ally (OK!)
- Lee: Omote Renge now stun in area (OK!)
- Kaguya: Starting skill now you teleport nearby allies as well and has a casting delay of 1s. (OK!)
- Fixed bug of some area spells sometimes just deal damage to 1-2 creeps (OK!)
- Kankuro: New starting abilities (spellbook containing four abilities): Kankuro is able to summon his puppets to the battlefield. In pratical terms, a puppet is a controlable unit with a certain amount of hp (that increases with Kankuro's level) and can cast certains spells. For example, Kankuro's W is Crows Barbed Attack, but if Crow is summoned, then this spell is disabled on Kankuro and enabled on Crow itself, allowing him to cast it even if he is distant from Kankuro. The puppets have must be near a certain range of Kankuro though. It opens the possibility to Kankuro play in a safe and defensive way, but sightly harder to control. (OK!)
- Tsunade: Cooldown of Byakugou increased from 30s to 60s. (OK!)
- Tsunade: When on Byakugou Mode, her heal has 100% chance to dispel negative effects. (OK!)
- Tsunade: Increased damage of her R when Byakygou Mode is activated. Increased range from 800 to 900. (OK!)
- Tsunade: Starting skill added effect: "Hokage's Blessing: When you heal someone, you and his speed is improved by 25% during 3 seconds." (OK!)
- Tsunade: Instead of transfering chakra, it now recovers 500 chakra from target. Cooldown: 90s. Cannot cast yourself. (OK!)
- Sakura: Now when she has "Chakra Enhanced Strength" activated, stun of her W increased from 1s to 2s. (OK!)
- Sakura: Now when she can control the direction of her Q during spell execution. (OK!)
- Sakura: Starting skill attack increase bonus from 30% to 50% (OK!)
- Karin: Chakra Suppression is now an active skill. It also give her chaos attack but prevent her from using Kagura Shingan while activated. (OK!)
- Karin: Chakra Chains cooldown set to 80s and esnare effect is back, damage reduced to 10 x Genjutsu (OK!)
- Shikamaru: New ultimate choice: True Kagemane no Jutsu: Shikamaru makes the target imitate his movement. For example, if Shikamaru moves to the right, the target will move too. The target is unable to do any action during activation neither can Shikamaru cast spells. Last 10 seconds. Cooldown: 100s. (OK!)
- Darui: New starting skill: Fast-Lightning (ALL the casting time is reduced to 0 and speed of skills is increased *progressively* during 15s. Cooldown: 180s). (OK!)
- Darui: Removed "purge" effect from his farming skill and put on his ultimate. (OK!)
- Nagato: Shinra Tensei can now be channeled. More time it's channeled, more the area and damage are increased (on channeling = zero, it has the same effect as the current spell). Cooldown increased by 5s. (OK!)
- Nagato: Damage of Shinra Giga Tensei on buildings increased. (OK!)
- Madara: Now if you cast Katon after Mokuton, targets will get additional burning damage over-time. (OK!)
- Madara: Gunbai cooldown increased by 30s. (OK!)
- Shino: New ultimate choice: Kidaichū — Mushikui. After 5 seconds, the target get 13 X Genjutsu damage and is stunned by 2 seconds. (OK!)
- Hinata and Neji passive: increased detection range from 500 to 800 (OK!)
- Hinata: Now when she's channeling W, her armor is increased to maximum. (OK!)
- Hinata: After she cast T, she is granted a buff that increase her auto attack damage by 100% during 10 seconds. (OK!)
- Hinata: Q is now blockable by mirror. (OK!)
- Kabuto: Starting skill now not just prevent the unit from being healed but when a unit is healed it deals damage instead in the same amount of the heal as well. (OK!)
- Gengetsu: Duration of mirages created by his passive increased from 5s to 20s. Added additional effect: Now when a mirage is created, it has 10% chance to dispel negative effects on Gengetsu. (OK!)
- Kiba: Piss now also slow nearby enemies by 20%. (OK!)
- Tenten: Number of clones provided by passive decreased by half. (OK!)
- Tenten: When her E reach lvl. 10, she is able to carry two high-level ninja weapons (like Fuuma and Bashosen). (OK!)
- Tenten: Cooldown of R increased by 10s. (OK!)
- Ino: Starting skill additional effect: When the target cast a spell during its effect, he is also stunned by 1 second. (OK!)
- Suigetsu: Mana drain on ultimate reduced to 50% of the damage (OK!)
- Suigetsu: Reduced passive proc chance (OK!)
- Hidan: Passive strength gain reduced (OK!)
- Itachi: Izanami cooldown increased to 90s (OK!)
- Killer Bee passive changed to: "Throw Ink: Throw ink in a selected area, binding enemies for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 60s" (OK!)
- Killer Bee: Damage of Bijuu Dama on towers increased. (OK!)
- Tobi passive changed to: "Kamui Dimension: Teleport you and nearby enemies to the Kamui Dimension, and region apart from the main map. You stay there during 60 seconds or until you active the skill again or you are killed.". Also, if he cast semi while on Kamui Dimension, it deals 500 additional damage. (OK!)
- Yamato: Add new starting skill: Desguise: You can desguise as a tree during 30s. Cooldown: 180s. (OK!)
- Ohnoki: Starting skill cooldown increased from 120s to 180s (OK!)

Download: Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.2e

- Kusanagi Sword: Kusanagi Strike (active) cooldown increased from 30s to 45s
- Life Stone changed: Instead of giving +500 each update, now its progression will be:
500 (lvl. 1) => 750 (lvl. 2) => 1250 (lvl. 3) => 1750 (lvl. 4)
- Fixed bug of morphing skills losing status of some items (OK!)
- Badge of ANBU passive fixed (OK!)
- Fixed Akatsuki Set (OK!)
- Fixed bug of Senbons Dance + Senbons of Darkness (OK!)
- Now you can only carry one Jade of Susano'o/Mirror of Heaven/Stone of Heaven/Heaven 8 Mirror/Asura Essence/Indra Essence (OK!)
- Fixed bug of super shoes leaving enemies base but still gaining speed buff (OK!)
- Stone of Heaven active skill remove all nearby enemies buffs like Susano'o, Byakugou, etc., ... after 5 seconds (OK!)
- Eight-Headed Serpent is now classified as a weapon (OK!)
- Explosive kunai bug was POSSIBLY fixed (OK!)
- Fire Kunai back to +80 taijutsu and legendary back to +100 taijutsu (OK!)
- Fixed ANBU Mask skill bug (OK!)
- Price of "Merge Ninja Elemental Weapon" increased from 1000 to 2500 (OK!)
- Price of "Combine: Kages Armor with elemental spirit" increased from 1000 to 2500 (OK!)
- Price of Orb of Darkness brought back to 6000 (OK!)
- Add new Scroll that only work on Normal Mode: "Scroll of Destruction: Double the damage you do against buildings. Last 30 seconds. Cost: 10k." (Aborted. Will be put on next version instead)
- Missions are brought back, but you can only do that if you are 10 levels below the lowest level hero of the winning team and you can only do it once. Each mission costs 3000 gold and you can find them in your base. You can do the following missions: "Survive the Edo Hokages: Rank: A. Survive the attack of the Five Edo Hokages during 60 seconds. Reward: +3 levels, +4500 gold.", "Invade Kabuto's Hideout: Rank: S. You must invade Kabuto's Hideout and kill Edo Itachi, Edo Nagato, Edo Deidara and finally. Be careful, you can find a lot of traps in your way.... Reward: +5 levels, +6000 gold.", and "Kill the Rabbit Goddess. Rank: S+. You must kill Kaguya within 60 seconds, orelse the world will enter in the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Rewards you with +5 levels and +10000 gold" (Aborted. Will be put on next version instead)
- Upgraded life and chakra stone now also increases life and chakra regeneration (OK!)
- Fixed Gunbai bug. (OK!)

Download: NinpouStormMN4.2e.w3x
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