August 31, 2015

Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.3

Map Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.3 - NinpouStormMN4.3.w3x by Fire_Arkangel

Version 4.3 Changelog:

<< BUGS >>
- Fixed some Fatal error bugs (OK!)
- Fixed desync errors in the end of the game that would lead to loss on ELO system (OK!)
- Fixed bug of Ultimate Weapon recipe not giving back money when you don't have the required items (OK!)
- Fixed bug on Lightning Kunai/Senbons esnare effect not working (OK!)
- Fixed switch command bug not swapping names on scoreboard (OK!)
- Fixed bug of switch command carrying points over (OK!)
- Fixed kankuro bug on his semi sometimes (OK!)

<< ITEMS >>
- Akatsuki Set doesn't show your health bar anymore (OK!)
- Yata Mirror: Instead of stunning an ally, it now just esnares it. (OK!)
- Badge of ANBU: Passive changed to: Give 40 additional gold when killing a unit (OK!)
- Bunshin Stone: Reduced damage of bunshins to 50% (OK!)

<< SYSTEM >>
- Now on Domination Mode, a boss is spawned in the mid each 8 minutes that drops a powerful item.
- On Survival Mode/Battle Royal Mode, you are respawned with full chakra (OK!)
- On Battle Royal Mode, the bounty for killing heroes is increased by 200% (OK!)
- Removed ANBUs and towers on Battle Royal Mode. However, you turn invulnerable when near your base. (OK!)
- Removed Rune of Watcher from Battle Royal/Domination Mode. (OK!)

Download: Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.3

<< HEROES >>
- Raiga replaced by Ameyuri Ringo (OK!)
- Madara: New ultimate choice: Rikuudou Mode. (OK!)
- Madara: Damage of Mokuton reduced from int x lvl x 0.7 to int x lvl x 0.5 and int per level reduced from 3.3 to 3.0 (OK!)
- Hidan: Decreased range of his Q from 500 to 250 and fixed bugs that happened with that spell (OK!)
- Zetsu: Removed slow from his ultimate (OK!)
- Zetsu: Movement speed in Mayfly reduced (OK!)
- Naruto Kyuubi Chakra Mode: Decreased range of Mini-rasenshuriken from 600 to 400 (OK!)
- Sasuke Taka Leader: Fixed bug with Range Punch and increased damage of Enton: Magatama (OK!)
- Sasuke Taka Leader: When on Susano'o, Katon is replaced by Enton: Kagutsuchi (OK!)
- Sasuke Uchiha Avenger: Stun effect of Kusanagi Backstab is now blockable by mirror, damage increased (OK!)
- Kakuzu: Damage of Iron Punch decreased from 120s x lvl to 100 x lvl. (OK!)
- Shino: Increased stun duration of Kikakichu: Mushikyu from 3s to 5s and range increased from 900 to 1200 (OK!)
- Shino: Passive chakra drain changed from 25 to 5 x hero level (OK!)
- Gaara: Stun of Sabaku Sotaiso removed (OK!)
- Gaara: Range of Karura's Shield increased from 500 to 900 (OK!)
- Tobi: Unable to activate Kamui Dimension until the 7 minutes of the damage. Cooldown reduced from 300s to 200s. (OK!)
- Minato: Removed the 30 ninjutsu bonus from Kyuubi Chakra Mode. (OK!)
- Minato: New starting skill: Hiraishin Kunai: Throw a hiraishin kunai that slow all enemies in line by 80% during 5 seconds. If skill is activated again while the kunai is being thrown, Minato is teleport instantly to the kunai location. Cooldown: 180s. (OK!)
- Ohnoki: Damage of Doton: Goremu changed from normal to chaos (OK!)
- Gengetsu: Increased duration of Joki Boi from 20s to 25s (OK!)
- Gengetsu: Passive: Decreased clone duration to 15s (OK!)
- Killer Bee: Damage of Lariat increased from (700 + 2.5 x tai) to (750 + 3 x tai) (OK!)
- Hiruzen: New starting skill: Kage Shuriken no Jutsu: Stun the target for two seconds and deal (0.2 x Genjutsu + 10) x hero level damage. (OK!)
- Hiruzen: Enma new skill: Swap. Allow him to swap position with Hiruzen instantly. Cooldown: 10s. (OK!)
- Shikamaru: Now while he is executing True Kagemane no Jutsu, his movement speed is increased to maximum. (OK!)
- Shikamaru: He can disable True Kagemane no Jutsu at any moment now (OK!)
- Shikamaru: Damage of D changed to 30 x Hero Level (OK!)
- Hinata: Increased cooldown of Juuho Shosiken from 60s to 70s (OK!)
- Asuma: Katon: Haisenkisho doesn't double damage of his semi anymore, but slow increased from 30% to 40% (OK!)
- Asuma: Increased cooldown of Fuuton: Seppuuken from 11s + 0.5 x skill lvl to 10s + 1 x skill lvl. Mana cost changed from fixed 100 to 40 + 20 x skill lvl (OK!)
- Sai: Ink Bird increase user movement speed to maximum (OK!)
- Kakashi Copy Ninja: After execution of Kamui, Kakashi can choose where the units will reappear until 5 seconds after spell execution. (OK!)
- Kakashi ANBU: Increased damage of semi from 750 + 3 x Ninjutsu to 1000 + 3 x Ninjutsu. (OK!)
- Sakura: Removed chakra cost of her D and decreased cooldown from 60s to 40s (OK!)
- Sai: ANBU's mark: Make the target receive 10% more damage from you while marked. (OK!)
- Konan: Added stun effect of 1 second on her passive. (OK!)
- Raiga: Increased damage of his D. (OK!)
- Ino: Stun effect of her D increased to 2s (OK!)
- Zabuza: Passive effect increased from 2 taijutsu to 3 taijutsu (OK!)
- Deidara: Focused Attack is now a post-effect of his E, new starting skill: Explosive Landmine: Plant a invisible landmine in a determined area which deals 2 x Genjutsu, stun affected enemies for one second and ping their locations in the minimap. Last 90 seconds. Cooldown: 30s. (OK!)
- Jiraiya new starting skill: Summon Gama Bunta (OK!)
- Kimimaro new starting skill: Bone Sword: Increase damage by 25% during 20 seconds. Cooldown: 60s. (OK!)
- Kisame: Clone Swap is now an ability of Mizu Bunshin. New starting skill: Unleash Samehada Sword: Convert 20% of damage dealt to chakra drain, recovering your chakra by the same amount. (OK!)
- Tsunade: After using Chakra Transfer technique, provide a buff that reduce damage dealt upon the target by 20%. Last 10 seconds. (OK!)

Download: NinpouStormMN4.3.w3x
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