August 12, 2015

Terran Base Defence v43

Map Terran Base Defence v43.w3x Created by Radicool

You have been stationed at the last command post, all surviving citizens have fled to your protection. Protect
these civillians at all costs. Evacuation in 25 minutes. Do not be decieved, you will likely be overwhelmed by the
Zerg by the time the rescue ship arrives!

  • Various StarCraft style models.
  • Remastered StarCraft music.
  • Pick from 5 unique classes.
  • Hire Marines, Tanks and Firebats.
  • Construct Bunkers and Turrets.
Terran Base Defence v43 chaneglog:
- Added Air Support ability to Command Center. Available every 5 minutes
- Replaced the Leaderboard with a Multiboard
- Tweaked Goliath's Engineering Upgrade ability
- Improved hero's cast time delay
- Music now fades in/out smoothly
- Cross of Reincarnation & War Stories removed from shop
- Added Book of Wisdom to shop
- Modified all tome's descriptions
- Tanks now face a certain angle when in Siege Mode
- Balance changes

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