September 13, 2015

Digimon: Allstar Legends 1.0 +AI

Map Digimon: Allstar Legends +AI 1.0 - DigimonAllstar1.0.w3x by Andrea Riona (Reyzu)

Fully sounded HD total conversion Digimon project developed by andreariona.

From Andrea Riona Reyzu (Owner):
The first anime project that I released on 2015, as well as a sister project of Digimon World: Re-Evolution that I developed since months ago along with it, Digimon: Allstar Legends is a total conversion battle arena project based off from epic childhood franchise, Digimon. Set the endless battle in a non-mainstream digital themed battlefield, or even challenge certain powerful Bosses to unlock their codes. And of course, AI is also included for fun!

Originally, I create this project because there isn't any official digimon game (Digimon Rumble Arena series) with various of playable characters released yet - mostly because Bandai focusing Digimon franchise in RPGs, therefore I just create my own version by myself for fun. Estimatedly, I plan to include 40 playable characters including secrets and some around 2 or 3 cameo characters from Pokemon for spicing up.

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