September 20, 2015

Holy War 1.50a

Map Holy War 1.50a Created by iXeddin,rulerofiron99 ; Uploaded by: iXeddin

Map based on Region 0.37 by rulerofiron99(with permission of author). Made for all who waiting for region update)

Map Info:
Build an army on your territory. Every round, your army spawns to fight either against randomised creep waves, or against another player's army. You have no direct control over your army after it spawns; your role is to build the right units in the right formation and gave them correct orders. Victory is achieved by acquiring a set number of Victory Points, gained by beating other players' armies.

Suggested players: 2-6.
Playable in single player, but not recommended (balance is for 2+ players)

Similar to (and drawing inspiration from):
- Legion TD
- Blood Tournament
Apparently also similar to Pokemon Defense.

  1. Unique TD-ish gameplay, combining the low-APM requirement of Tower Defense with the glorious battles of melee Warcraft.
  2. Set your army in a formation to maximise its damage and survivability.
  3. Eleven different races to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Use global-range spells to influence battles, improve your army, or slow down another player's progres.
  5. Powerful bosses, each with special random abilities designed to plow through your tanks and engage all elements of your army.
  6. Randomised creep waves, ensuring that each game is different to the last.
  7. Failing a level doesn't mean it's over for you; you get to fight it again next round. Although this might slow down your progress (and thus army size), you will never find yourself out of the running.
  8. Many options and army styles to choose from, and designed to all be viable. Holy war isn't a game where the winning strategy is to simply spam a powerful unit; every build and every strategy has a counter.
  9. Set custom behaviours on your units; e.g. to have them perform a tactical retreat when near death, or flank your enemy's army.
  10. Multiple game modes: Survival (leak X amount of waves to lose, last player wins), Classic (as described above) and Tournament (you fight against players each round); each of which can be customised with Short/Medium/Long and Allpick/Draft/Allrandom
  11. Over 170+ unique units.
  12. Epic mass duels, and raid boss battle. (Classic and Survival mode)
  13. Two alternate endings(in survival mode)
  14. Hell mode: -heavydrugabuse.
  15. Random terrain for races with various landscape bonuses.
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