September 18, 2015

Mercenaries r1.1c

Map Mercenaries r1.1c Created by Gekigengar

Mercenaries is a Multiplayer Co-op Arcade Zombie Survival,

As professional mercenary, you work as a hired gun, but this time, your target is a bit different, they are already dead.

An outbreak has occurred due to an incident that happened in a hidden laboratory nearby the village disguised as a mining field.

Your mission is to wipe out the whole village, including survivors.

Be it yourself or with 3 others, slaughter as many as possible.

Basic Controls:
  • Fire Main Weapon : G
  • Reload : R (Press rapidly to increase reload speed)
  • Change Weapon Mode : E (Rapid --> Burst --> Sniper)
  • Melee Attack : F (Consecutive use will put the action on cooldown)
  • Special Abilities : D --> (Q : Artillery, W : Carpet Bombing, E : Supply Crate)
  • Commands : Z & X
  • Direction : A
Item Combining
  • Various item can be stacked and combined!
  • Items are dropped by enemies or special zombies, and some spawn by events or supply jets.
  • Some item can be stacked by right clicking on one, and right clicking on the other of the same type, there are different stack limit for items.
  • Some items can be "Combined" !, By right-clicking on one item with the other, Experiment on to find more combinations!.
Example :
(As many Resident Evil fans knows)
Green Herb + Green Herb = GG Herb
Green Herb + Red Herb = GR Herb
and many more!.

Download: Mercenaries r1.1c

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