September 04, 2015

The Battle of Helms Deep 2015 v1.4

Map Helms Deep 2015 v1.4 Created by Hebert09

The Battle of Helms Deep 2015 Created by Hebert09

Map Info:
Welcome to Hebert09's version of Helms Deep. The battle is laid out and it is up to you to decide the fate of Middle Earth. Will Helms Deep fall to ruin?
Or will the peoples of Middle Earth unite once more?

This map has been built from scratch along with the help and advice of others mentioned in the credits list. The ENTIRE fortress is built with 100% custom Doodads and Units. Most of the helms deep models were done by myself, trying to ensure that every last detail is displayed in this map. Features custom Mods, music, icons and much more from LOTR. Including all new banners and animations to give the map a realistic feel. Watch the deeping wall get blown to pieces then fight among the rubble! Uruk players have 30 minutes to try and break the gates to the women and children before Gandalf arrives. The defenses have to hold for that long for the defending players to win. Setting game to Siege Mode will enable an orc AI, please set the uruk players to computer if this is the intended game mode for the best game experience.

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