October 16, 2015

Dota 6.85b lod

Getdota Map DotA v6.85b LoD.w3x download by ResQ

Fixes, Features
  • Fixed abusing -r / -reset command to pick spells from teammate taverns
  • Fixed gold formula for killing-bounties being outdated (Less "comeback mechanic" now)
  • Fixed drafts in -md not being unique if -d2 or above was used
  • Fixed Marksmanship not working on slot 6
  • Fixed interactions with cooldown reducers when morphing back, and various other small fixes to morphing spells
  • Fixed Quilbeast (Call of the Wild) having incorrect stats, fixed cooldown reduction not correctly working for Call of the Wild
  • Fixed Synergy not correctly affecting all levels of Plague Ward
  • Fixed Ball Lightning having an incorrect ID (overrides spells like Purification) and fixed not being able to respawn when killed by Ball Lightning
  • Fixed Synergy giving the hero invisibility instead of the scarab from Urna Swarm
  • Fixed Ice Blast not working correctly and leaving a permanent FX
  • Fixed Pulse Nova, Battlefury, Battle Hunger, Bloodstone, Psionic Trap and Glimmer Cape tooltips
  • Fixed Raise Dead zombies not correctly healing the caster when they die
  • Fixed Witchcraft percentage values being identical each level
  • Fixed Greater Bash not correctly working against Roshan
  • Fixed Return triggering on dummy attacks (like The Swarm)
  • Fixed Spawn Spiderites lasting infinitely
  • Fixed Lotus Orb reflecting Chain Frost with 1 more level than it should have, and fixed Lotus Orb not reflecting Paralyzing Casks
  • Fixed Laguna Blade damage not counting as magic damage
  • Fixed Frostbite damage type being physical instead of magical
  • Fixed Poor Man's Shield having an incorrect sellcost
  • Fixed Formless spells being able to steal Witchcraft (and not being able to lose it again)
  • Fixed Heart of Tarrasque recipe cost not being updated
  • Fixed Power Cogs position could be slightly messed up, it's now always a square. Also reduced HP bar of single cogs
  • Fixed Multicast Bloodlust not correctly targeting allies if they were Bloodlusted, and Multicast trying to affect wards or items
  • Fixed Windrun not correctly working when used again while it already runs
  • Fixed Refraction not correctly working with Octarine Core / other CD reduce
  • Fixed Brilliance Aura self-buff not giving correct amount of manareg
  • Fixed Black Dragons gold bounty
  • Fixed Spirit Bear losing Moon Shard bonus when dying, fixed Spirit Bear illusions being able to use Entangle
  • Fixed DHR (Direct HP removal) removing stuff like Healing Salve
  • Fixed Frostbite lasting 10s on Roshan
  • Doom can no longer target ancient units (except for Spirit Bear)
  • Fixed Dagon not proccing Linken's Sphere
  • Ring of Health and Magic Stick shop-location swapped
  • Added 6.84 Goblin's Greed Aghanim's: Buying Aghanim's Scepter when you have Goblin's Greed allows you to use the Scepter on an ally or yourself to permanently grant the bonusses of Agha and upgrade the target's spells permanently. Aghanim's Scepter disappears after using it.
  • When your Tier1 tower is destroyed, the info message "Your Glyph of Fortification cooldown has been reset" now appears
  • -WTF mode can now be toggled in singleplayer anytime, not only at gamestart
See full changelog here: Dota 6.85b changelog

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