October 07, 2015

Dota v6.85a Gamma

Getdota Dota 6.85a Gamma download

Fixed Harpy Storm, Gnoll Assassin, Enraged Wildkin, Enraged Wildkin abilities descriptions
Neutral Frost Armor can now be applied to spell immune targets (same for Doom)
Fixed Neutral's purge damaging summons


Arc Warden
Double Tempest clone no longer drains experience

Fixed Flaming Lasso duration being incorrect with Aghanim
Firefly won't be active if Batrider dies and respawns while it still works
Sticky Napalm now shows stack number overhead illusions as well

Bounty Hunter
Track now display target's gold in scoreboard as normal allies
Fixed Track being dispelled too soon when target dies

Fixed Bristleback's Quill Spray damage could drop to negative numbers, affecting actual damage dealt
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