October 22, 2015

Get Dota 6.85b map download

Map DotA v6.85b Allstars.w3x by Dracol1ch


  • Attribute bonus no longer has icon on any hero
  • Fixed Right Click deny activating even on non-deniable creeps instead of "move"
  • Chat command -gg is now available only after 15th minute
  • Cricle's ability to sell items no longer available if your hero is dead
  • Fixed Roshan had extra armor at the start
  • Summons autoselection now works only in 1000 range around the primary hero

  • -g = -gold 999999
  • -fog = iseedeadpeople

  • Fixed Thunder Lizard missing Slam ability
  • New icons for Thunder Lizard Slam and Dragonhide aura
See full changelog here: Dota 6.85b changelog