October 14, 2015

YouTD v1.08b

Map YouTD v1.08b.w3x by geX and many more..

Changelog YouTD v1.08b
Previous Bugs
-Fixed crits and onAttack events not firing for towers with non-zero damage point when said towers were pumped with attack speed.
-Fixed multiboard showing lives > 100% as yellow.

-Reverted projectile behaviour: onHit event now again fires when a homing projectile reaches the last known location of a creep that has just died. (This fixes the bug with Dutchman disappearing when the creep that it's pursuing suddenly dies).

Behind the Scenes
-Added a safeguard against tower abilities that might try to accidentally give a creep exp (this had potential
to cause havoc with the game when it tried to determine which level had just been completed).

Download: YouTD_v1.08b.w3x
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