November 30, 2015

8MB remove map file size limit in warcraft III

Compatible with any version of Warcraft 3 . 8MB remove size limit

Removes map size limit .

Move FixSizeLimit.mix to the folder with Warcraft3 or rename FixSizeLimit.mix into FixSizeLimit.dll and load by means of an injector.

Create in the folder with Warcraft3 the empty file with name "forcefixsizelimit" for completely clean a size limit, but then it will be found by some anti-hack!


• One file for all Warcraft 3 versions!!!!

• Added directly signature search if in the folder with Warcraft3 exists empty file with name "forcefixsizelimit" (BEEP BEEP if signature is found)

Download: Game2e.com 8 mb remove map limit Releasev6.zip
Update new version 2018 for dota 6.88: Game.dll – Warcraft III 8mb Limit Remover (patches 1.26 and 1.27a)
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