November 15, 2015

Infected Zombies v2.2.3

Map type: RPG, survival
Recommended players: 1-4
Full Gameplay: 2-3 hours
Maximum Level: 12

Game Difficulties:
Normal 100% Enemy HP
Hard 150% Enemy HP
Nightmare 200% Enemy HP
(Mobs gain 70% strength/players)

Gameplay:Fight the undead to protect the villagers, help them with various quest. Defeat epic bosses in the main quest. Craft armor, shelter,
hunt for food, survive!
Classes: Knight, Warrior, Marauder, Bandit, Ranger, Alchemist, Tinker, Wizard, Lycan

Every class has a description in game with custom abilities, unique gameplay with every class
Classes gain abilities on level 1,3,5,7 and can craft class specific item after level 5.
Ranger have some extra systems such as: Pet system, Advanced Pet AI, Pet leveling - 3 pet level
Tinker with upgradeable Rifle: 3 upgrade can be applied separately, which has in game model for each upgrades

Socket System: for high level armor - level 7 armor - chest:2 socket, helmet 2 socket, boots 1 socket, weapon 1 socket, it can be applied to items with a
jeweler NPC
Save/Load System: "-save" command create a txt file in your Warcraft 3 directory with the save code, to load type: "-load <code>" wait for everyone to enter his/her code
then type "-start load". System saves your survivor level, gold, equipped items, inventory items, backpack items, and your Pet too(for ranger)! "-save as SAVEFILENAME" create a .txt
with a custom name.
Inventory System: 157+ weapon and armor, 13 full armor set, 94+ misc item, equipped items has visual model in game.
Crafting: gather materials yourself or buy from vendors to craft base equipment. Cooking: 9 craft able food in game
Vendors: Vendor buy and sell various items from vendors, there are also 2 traveling merchant in game.
Heat System: watch out for heat level in snowy areas, at night or at if it is raining to avoid freezing to death. Campfire, Cooking Fire and Tent can
restore heat.
Food System: your survivor need to eat regularly, you can choose from 15 in game food. Cooked meals grant well fed bonus - 2 to all attributes for 2 minutes.
Weather System: Weather can change from sunny to rain, fog, wind, rain of light
Backpack System: You can buy bonus inventory from every smith in game
City Management: You can hire guards, upgrade their equipment, repair gates, set traps and hire archers to the watchtowers to protect the villagers from the
undead waves.
Puzzle: Solve the in-game puzzle to get a random legendary item - solution generates randomly at start
Mercenaries: You can hire three different type of mercenaries at every tavern, they follow and help you through your adventures

Main Quest Line with 9 epic quests!
Also you can find 30 Optional quests.
Triggered Bosses with custom abilities, boss phases
Zombies start occupying villages after 20 minutes, then launch an attack every 10 minutes afterwards.

Ingame Commands
Type "-command" for ingame command list
Type "-help" for ingame hints

Download: Infected Zombies v2.2.3.w3x
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