November 24, 2015

Survive the Night v2.0

Map Survive the Night v. 2.0.w3x Created by BlackEnvyX

Survivors: Survive for 45 minutes, use your abilities to run and hide from the Lost One and various other evil spirits. If you die, you become a spirit that can aid living survivors.

Spirits: You become a spirit when you are killed as a survivor. You can use your multiple abilities to aid the survivors and help keep them alive.

The Lost One: Kill all of the survivors before the time runs out, nothing more and nothing less.

V 2.0:
- Tooltip updates
- Removal of version updates in quest menu to reduce clutter
- Major terrain additions to upper end of map
- Minor terrain alterations to rest of map
- Added another Spiritual Item Generator to the map
- Added one more wandering spirit
- Added the Waterlogged Winder (Spawns in lakes and travels
to random lakes across map attempting to attack players in its way)
- Added two new Geysers
- Added the Soul Reaper (A deadly powerful unit chained to a magic
force zone that will attack any survivors that wander into it, it is
incredibly slow however)

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