November 14, 2015

Twilight's Eve ORPG Final fix

Map Twilight's Eve ORPG Final [ All Full ? ] - AF_Twilight_s_Eve_ORPG Final Fix.w3x by Green_Day_Dance & Asayaki_Zac
Classic RPG revolving around the world of Silvasia. 8 Classes. 4 Jobs. 1 Destiny. A land of beautiful sights, a plane of eternal lights. Uncover the beauty within these mysterious nights...

[CUSTOM All Full ?]
Fix: Revive, Imba Boss, Limit Break, ...Any Bug
Add: -repick, -cleanup, Text Save, ...Any Bug
Note: You can use code Twilight's Fianl only
NOTE: You cannot play in single player

Category: Role Playing (RPG)
Tileset: Icecrown Glacier
Dimensions: 224x224
Playable Area: 212x212
Recommended Players: Full House
Size: 7019.1 KB

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