November 28, 2015

Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) v1.07

Map Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) v1.07.w3x Created by xorkatoss

League of Legend players will be familiar with this mode, Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) is a mode that features super fast paced action.
Removing the boredness of Mana Costs and Cooldowns, allowing you to dive into action!

• All Cooldowns reduced to 2 seconds
• Heroes max level is 20
• Abilities do not cost any mana
• Spawn with access to all abilities
• Passively gain Exp and Gold

-Added New Hero: Darkness Lord (Melee)

Abilities: Black Sphere: Creates a blast at a target location dealing damage and leaving behind a black sphere.

Shadow Swap: Allows the user to instantly swap places with one of his black spheres and recieving a speed bonus.

Black Arrow: Fires an arrow that will damage the first unit it hits and leave behind a black sphere.

Download: URF v1.07.w3x
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