November 29, 2015

Warcraft Pacman

Map warcraft PacMan Created by Legal_Ease & Icemanbo

This in wc3 must have been fun for you.
  • WarCraft Pac-Man is based on the original classic arcade game.
  • Level One attempts to recreate the arcade game exactly, but as the levels increase your Pac-man Hero will gain experience as he picks up
  • points by collecting dots, items and killing ghosts. Now, Pac-Man will level up and be able to use special skills and items. The Arrow key 
  • Movement System and Alpha Tiles give WarCraft Pac-Man a totally new User Interface and game-play experience.
Choose from four Pac-Man heroes:
Pac-Master *** Pac-Hunter *** Pac-King *** Pac-Lord
1. Turning of "show all health bars" greatly reduces lag.
2. Power Pellets wear off as the clock runs out of daylight.
3. Spells last 8 seconds so you can start to be able to time it,
buffs also blink to warn you it is about to go, just like wc3.
4. Try to clear a quarter of the map at a time so you don't need
to go back to that section.

Download: Pac-Man.w3x
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