December 25, 2015

Anime Team Survival 4.8v fix

Map Anime Team Survival 4.8v.w3x - ATS 4.8v fix by Mindarms

We have reported that the mode classic in ats 4.8v have lager and delay.
So the Owner come here to give the fixed version!
And 2 item more added to secret shop and other things!
Just download and play with the surprise!

Hello guys!
First i came here to give a update info about 4.8v
The work progress is 100%
Need Read all Megaupdate of ATS 4.8v

Anime Team Survival 4.8v fix update and changelog

Only 15 Hero in This Map.
5 Type of Hero
[Combat Hero][Rounded Hero][SpellCasterHero][Support/Assassin Hero].
Enjoy it. ^^

Category: Hero Defense
Tileset: Icecrown Glacier
Dimensions: 160x192
Playable Area: 160x192
Recommended Players: 4v4
Size: 8176.7 KB

Download: Anime Team Survival 4.8v fix
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