December 22, 2015

Deforestation v7.2

Map Deforestation v7.2 Created by Alok

Map Info
This is a unique forest map filled with trees where players have to expand their logging empire and destroy the competition. Players start with 5 Woodcutters, a Lumber Mill and 80 lumber and can choose to expand in a number of ways to destroy their opponents or help allies. The map has a custom race which consists of orcs, goblins, fel orcs and corrupted ancients and their technology and magic; there are even global powers. The starting locations are near the edges of the map and there is a huge forest in-between through which paths can be carved or forward bases built by cutting down trees. There is also a single creep camp in the middle of the map containing the map's boss, Krh'krc, who drops a resource needed for the construction of one of the buildings, unlocking new units; and Celesta who randomly roams the woods and players can get control of her and her powers temporarily. The main resource is lumber and it is used for making almost everything, and Seeds of Krh'krc replace gold. It is recommended to play this map with 8 players (4v4), but you can also play it with any other available number and combination of players; even in the Free Play mode when only one player slot is occupied. The map has AI and it can be also played with/versus the computer players. Some of the possible strategies and tips on how to play can be found in the Strategies & Tips in the quest log in-game.

*If you are experiencing lag after some time playing with the AI, just cut them a passageway through the woods, so that the opposing forces can reach each other by land, and the lag will be no more.

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