December 27, 2015

Dynasty Warriors 3: Nan Zhong

Map Dynasty Warriors: Nan Zhong - DynastyWarriors3.w3x Created by Darknessfalls003

Dynasty Warriors - Conquest of Nan Zhong Created by Darknessfalls003

Map Info:
  • DW3 CoNZ is a Dota-like game where 2 bases send out troops at each other. The goal of which is to kill the nemy leader (Zhuge Liang for Shu and Meng Huo for Nanman Tribe).
  • All you have is a main building, barrack, lumber mill, Altar of kings(invulnerable) and some watch towers. 
  • While farming wood you need to make armies and chose a hero to fight with. 
  • Gold is only used for special units/items and can be obtained by killing creeps.
  • On the Green(Shu) team there are 2 players. Blue and Teal with Blue being the main attack force and Teal the support.
  • While on Brown(Nanman) there is only Dark Green, the tribal warriors.
  • F9 should explain most of the game.
One of 4 heroes to play with
Item Shops
Animal Dens
Supply Control Points
Neutral capturable base
Main Objective
Side Objective
Events and secret Events
Command (-task/-tasks displaying all the current objectives)
2v1 gameplay

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