December 22, 2015

Gateway To Hell 1.8 AI

Map Gateway To Hell 1.8 AI.w3x Created by Galles


Gateway To Hell has 19 heroes and 29 items (plan to go adding more heroes and items over time) the map takes place in hell, where besides the heroes fighting each other a creature inhabits the place, his name is Kongor and killed anyone who pass his way. Each hero has their own stories. When Kongor die the responsible for his death won 500 of experience and 1000 gold, besides an item be created at the site of Kongor death. All this characters are in this world for some reason, they have sinned, and are now in front of the gates of hell for his last chance, those who get success will be forgiven of their sins, and they lose, suffer eternal punishment

• Recipe for creating items
• Each hero has their own stories
• Action every time
• Two game modes
• It has artificial intelligence

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