December 18, 2015

Greece 1.5b

Map Greece (v1.5b).w3x Created by Fluff & EagleMan ; Uploaded by: EagleMan

Greece is a free alliance strategy game that takes place in Ancient Greece in the time before the Peloponnesian War. There are 12 factions located around the Aegean Sea. Forge alliances, invest in your economy and counter your opponent's armies to conquer Greece.

The map was originally created and updated by Fluff, but since version 1.3 has been updated solely by EagleMan.

Player 1 - Sparta
Special Units: Spartan Hoplite, Hippeus
Player 2 - Athens
Special Units: Athenian Trireme, Diplomat
Player 3 - Argos
Special Units: Argonaut, Argive Galley
Player 4 - Thebes
Special Units: Theban Sacred Band, Theban Bireme
Player 5 - Epirus
Special Units: Epirote Nomad, Indian War Elephant
Player 6 - Macedon
Special Units: Macedonian Heavy Cavalry, Macedonian Pikeman
Player 7 - Thessaly
Special Units: Thessalian Light Cavalry, Thessalian Heavy Cavalry
Player 8 - Crete
Special Units: Cretan Archer, Cretan Pirate Ship
Player 9 - Persia
Special Units: Immortal, Persian War Elephant
Player 10 - Thrace
Special Units: Thracian Warband, Thracian Mercenary
Player 11 - Rhodes
Special Units: Rhodian Slinger, Rhodian Raider
Player 12 - Troy
Special Units: Trojan Hoplite, Trojan Peltast
Players 1-4 have the Militia and Hoplite units. Players 5-12 have the Light Infantry and Heavy Infantry units.

View the changelog (which automatically updates as I edit the map) here. Unit statistics and information can be viewed here.

Download: Greece 1.5b.w3x
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