December 24, 2015

JFA Orpg v1.4d

Map JFA Orpg (v1.4d).w3x Created by JFA

Foreword and about the Mapmaker
Greetings from Turkey. JFA Orpg is my 8'th map and always i wanted to create my own world with save and load system and after a long time i've decided to make. Actually it it my last and final map. I have created many maps in my Warcraft III career (Since the 2002 with RoC i was 17 and now i am 30) and it is my final :(
Back in the days i was tried to make JFA (my main map, aos style) as a game like the HoN (there was no lol, dota2 or hots in these days) but in my country, no one supported me and i've created another maps. and this time let me honest, at least i want to see someone plays and interest because every map makers needs morale. Map is only 25% ready (still i have lot of things to do) but getting max level and finish all areas requires minimum 10-12 hours. Anyway that's all. After completing this game, maybe i'll hid my Warcraft III history as a good memories :(
Now let me tell you about the map.

Morbid Darksoul. Evil Mage wants to conquer all of the Lumidia with his evil magic because Titans wants to huge chaos at the Lumidia. In the year 182, he started to corrupt most of the Lumidia but the Monks of the Purify obstruct most of the destruction with sacrificing themselves. When all of the Monks died, Morbid finds himself to weakened after the Holy Explosion and some of the brave Lumidia Heroes decided to stop his evil plans.

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