December 06, 2015

Lordaeron the aftermath 1.39 - LORDAERON: TA v1.39

Map LORDAERON: TA v1.39.w3x by Marshmalo SvnmS (December/06/2015)

- Nazgrims Demoralising Aura no longer targets friendlies.
- Aggonar in Helfire Peninsula can not longer be Charmed
- Garroshs Maghar Strength correctly increases armour stat by 5 each level.
- True Horde enslaved Elementals now correctly use Horde Upgrades.
- Garroshes Siege Strike ability now correctly moves as fast as Garrosh so they dont lag behind, increasing the amount of targets it hits.
- Sepulcher and Tarren Mill event can be triggered by Either Sylvanas or Putress, the event messages have been updated.
- Kazzaks ultimate no longer mentions Kil'Jeaden.
- The Putress event no longer stops Wretched from being able to offer alliance to Scourge.
- Putress event stops Forsaken from being able to gain the offer alliance to Blood Elves. Same with Horde
- Garithos no longer returns to Silverhand if Detheroc dies and the Scarlet Onslaught has been research.
- Going animal War Gods path as Trolls now correctly Kills any Animal Loa heroes you may have.
- Naxxramas can not enter certain dungeons and instances including the Void, previously the game wouldnt detect Naxx had entered a dungeon if it had been.
- Fixed a memory leak every time Naxramas tried to enter a dungeon.
- Ironforge only changes ownership when attached if the attacking player is an enemy of Dwarves, this stops his allies killing it to take the epic artifact. This also means Horde now correctly get an epic artifact by destroying Ironforge.
- Only Yellow can Forge the epic artifact but Ironforge still drops an epic item when destroyed by an enemy of Dwarves.
- Mountain Kings are now long still availabe after going Dark Iron Path.
- Combat training only spawns a hero level item if actually cast on a hero.
- Fel Blood no longer targets allies too.
- Forsaken Spiders Shadowmeld spell has bene hidden within a spell book so it no longer clashes with other spells in selection groups.
- Baelguns thunder clap no longer produces lag.
- Some potencialy lag inducing triggers which checked every time Forsaken or trolls carried out a no target order have been reduced to test effect on map stability.
- Some pathing correction triggers have also bene disabled as they are suspect of causing lag.
- Secrets of Dalaran ability on Ansirem is no longer lost when he changes form.
- Wretched Kael no longer has 2 summon wretched workers items.
- Gaining Deathwing Resting base in Deepholm no longer Spawns the wrong type of Warlocks for Black Dragonflight path.
- DMC elites Fel Blood no longer heals enemies.
- Horde as Sylvanas can no longer trigger the valkyron event.
- Undead Alexandros no longer spawns in the hero storage area and instead spawns at the House of Barov.
- Black Dragon Whelps no longer cost wood.
This map centers on the conflicts across Northern and Southern Lordaeron during the events of the Frozen Throne Campaign to WoW Cataclysm. Players control one of many factions and must lead their organisation to domination or defeat. Each faction has many events that can be triggered to progress the individual story lines throughout the map.
I will keep this list updated.

See full changelog here:
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