December 24, 2015

Malfurion's Quest 1.2b

Map Malfurion's Quest v1.2b Created by Turnro

You are Malfurion Stormrage, arch druid of the Night Elves and protector of Kalimdor. A great prophecy has foretold the return of the Burning Legion, who seek to destroy Azeroth once and for all.

For 10,000 years you have roamed the Emerald Dream, awaiting the day for your return to lead your people against the demons. However, you feel that the world has changed much during your absence. Despite Nordrassil being heavily guarded and Illidan the Betrayer sealed deep within his prison, you sense something terribly wrong that threatens your people's survival from the coming invasion.

Your mind is left in doubt, and the Prophecy's fulfillment draws near. Will you make sacrifices to ensure Azeroth's survival from the Burning Legion? Find out as you play Malfurion's Quest, the epic finale in Turnro's series of Warcraft 3 campaigns.
New Features:

Choose Your Own Destiny
Malfurion's Quest features two separate story lines, with each providing different units, heroes, items, and much more. You will also be given numerous minor story choices throughout the campaign.

New Custom Race: The Highborne
This campaign will give you the opportunity to play as a fully new custom race: the Highborne. This mystical faction's strength lies with their powerful spells and their deep knowledge in the arcane magics.

New Boss Fights
Malfurion's Quest is intended to have several boss fights throughout the campaign. These are proper boss fights that will test your skill and ability in playing Warcraft 3

Three Difficulty Levels to Choose
Choose to play Malfurion's Quest in 1 of 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Hard or Insane.

34 maps, including 20 Chapters and 11 Interludes
Note that Malfurion’s Quest is still under development. The current version has 16 maps.

New Heroes, Units, Spells, Items, and more!

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