December 13, 2015

Mathog's Arena v1.4d

Map Mathog's Arena v1.4d.w3x Created by Inferno11114

Map Info:
Map type: Arena/Team Survival
Number of Players: 1-3 (2 recommended)

- 4 difficulty settings and two extra game modes
- 16 Standard Warcraft III Heroes, 12 custom Heroes, and 3 secret Heroes
- 2 of the custom heroes are tributes to a couple of my favorite Warcraft III maps (Footmen Frenzy and LotR Hero Siege)
- random hero option
- max hero level of 21
- 3 tier item system (upgrade lower tier items through recipes)
- summoned unit upgrades
- Lots of custom items with unique effects
- 50 waves of enemies, with a boss fight every 10 levels
- double hero mode option for single player

Gameplay & Entertainment review:
Simple arena is simple. When you play this map, it is very easy for new comers to understand. It's not exactly exiting but it wouldn't be boring for most.

In the beginning, I checked the quests and it was nice how everything was explained. I played 2 heroes, druid and the one healing knight. It would be nice to put in their descriptions if they are healers, as I'm sure not all intelligence heroes are healers. Most of the map is very straight forward, items with recipes, regular spawning creeps until bosses have some kind of unique ability. The custom heroes have edited preset spells from different units, there aren't much custom ones and ultimate spells are underwhelming.

The biggest difference in this map compared to other arena's is that summoned units play a big role, in items and hero abilities. You can even upgrade your damage, and micro them as they have worthy abilities. The second thing I like about this is that you don't have a timer to finish shopping for items, as there are quite a bunch, but not to much to overwhelm yourself. Though, unlike many arena's of today, there isn't any top right table to check your kills, what the enemy units will be like in the future, what round you're on, and so on. (unless you read the beginning of the round)

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