December 07, 2015

Ninja Duel AI v2.9

Map Ninja Duel AI v2.9 Created by N0t 4 No_Ob

Map Origin:
Inspired by the original makers of Ninja Duels, this is a remake, adapting its gameplay but added a few new features.


In this game, you only have to control 1 hero of your selected choice.
Every hero has 1 health, 2 mana and 1 damage initially.
Every hero also has 2 default abilities: Dodge and Shuriken Toss, as well as 4 other hero-based abilities.
- Dodge is a defensive ability that allows you to be temporarily invulnerable for 1 second, which is important for escaping. No mana is needed for this ability.
- Shuriken Toss is an offensive ability that allows you to kill all enemy units in a line. However, this ability requires 1 mana.

The objective of this game is very simple: Eliminate your opponents before they do the same to you. The team or player to reach a set number of kills wins.
You are required to control your selected ninja and think of ways to defeat your opponent, such as camping, baiting, fighting or juking etc.
This game is a battle of wits. Play mind tricks against your opponents and try to outsmart them.

- 7 different ninjas with unique abilities.
- 1 Item shop.
- Free for all (FFA) and Team Battle modes.
- Set number of kills to win.
- Intelligent Artificial Intelligence (AI) included for computer players.
- Hostile units for creeping that will serve as means for leveling up at the early stage of the game.

Some other stuffs:
Heroes do not have health or mana regeneration. In order to replenish your mana, either buy items from the shop or get yourself killed. You will then revive with full health and mana and be invulnerable temporarily.
This game consists of various abilities that requires not only precision, but timing as well.
While playing, do take note of the cooldown of your abilities, especially the ones that could save your life.

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