December 29, 2015

Roguelike 2.25

Map Roguelike 2.25.w3x Created by DeathdruidX
Map Info
Roguelike is a dungeon crawling RPG. Most of the game is randomized, leading to different items, different enemy locations, trap placement, etc, every time you play. Despite the random factor, it's very possible to salvage a run that's less than ideal by playing smart and being safe.
You don't need a big party to play it, either. It's very possible to complete, even to the extra final boss, with only two people. The main game can be completed with almost every hero when they're alone, provided the player is willing to be patient. That said, I recommend having a group. The game's far more fun with a bunch of people, even if adding too many can make it harder.

  • 24 Heroes, all with unique kits. Very few spells are reused and no heroes play anything like any others. Even your meatshields and carries have variety.
  • Even within these heroes, players can customize their playstyles based on their team. The Knight can become an impenetrable tank or a durable fighter. The Psychic could be specialized as a heavily defensive support or a fully capable frontline fighter.
  • Eight massive areas each with their own sets of enemies, traps, events and bosses. With a different boss and different enemy placement every time, each corner will be a possible deathtrap to even the most experienced of players.
  • Extra bosses lie in wait at the end of each area. Players can challenge these bosses for incredible rewards and levels, but each boss is a force entirely on their own and fully capable of wiping a party. However, should they all be defeated, the game will have an additional set of levels including an extra boss whose difficulty far exceeds the rest of the game.
  • More than 100 items in the pool of random tools that the players will find. Powerful active items completely turn the tide of battle and passive items mold wimpy explorers into brave dungeon delvers.
  • Lore! Lots of lore! Every hero has a backstory, as does every boss, area, item, etc. Should the players complete the game in its entirety, every hero has their own ending!
  • Brutal difficulty that challenges every player, even those that know the tricks behind every boss and area. Few ever see the end of the labyrinth...
  • NEW! (Version 2.21) Has a soundpack, giving great music while you get eaten alive!

Some other things to know...
When I say the difficulty is brutal, I mean it. At least, it should be. Some runs will bless your Rogue with cleave, durability, invulnerability and crits. Others will have him praying that he could even get a Small Rock as a weapon. Such is the nature of a game with an entirely random generation of items and bosses. If something goes wrong, don't be upset. Strengthen your resolve and give it another go. Or come back here and tell me I'm a bad mapmaker, as this is also true.

Download: Roguelike 2.25.w3x
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