December 05, 2015

Rpg Battle Siege v1.0a

Map Rpg Battle Siege v.1.0a.w3x Created by Blood_Knight (aka) Galaxy_Mage ; Uploaded by: Blood_Knight

Map Info:
An addictive mini (RTS) game with 4 attacking players squaring off against 2 defending players (or 2v1) to destroy the jewel throne at the center bay in the defender fort. The defenders must survive the 7 day time limit to be the victors. Many unique custom races to choose from, with many different custom combat strategies.

Attacking Players:
- 6 Custom Races of selection, each with 2 different custom heroes. Each race has a set of unique and custom upgrades and their own unique and custom magical spire.
- Goblins
- Ogres
- Undead
- Demons
- Elementals
- Rogues

Defending Players:
- 3 Custom Races of selection, each with their own unique and custom upgrades and their own unique and custom magical spire.
- Humans
- Elves
- Dwarves

Game Basics Detailed
- Game time limit of 7 days ( 8 mins a day )
- Attackers must destroy the structure at the middle of the defender fort within that time
- If an attacking player's hero is slain, that player is eliminated
- As each day passes, bonus miners are given to the attacking players
- Other bonuses and unit bounty available for attacking players
- Item shop available for Attacking Players with a few unique custom items
- Attacking players launch units from their home base area on to an attack bridgeway
- Attacking players are faced with destroying a sequence of walls on 4 sides
- Each attacking player is placed on 1 of the 4 sides
- Attacking players can combine efforts if they choose to do so
- Many different and unique combat strategies available
- Each player has a custom magic spire which provides massive magical effects
- Defending players have custom structures, and towers they can build at their choosing
- Defending players have fort pass points offering vital combat advantages
- Defending player units generally have greater range then attacking player units
- Defending players can train new builder units anytime
- If a defending player leaves a triggered AI will take over for that player
- Fully functional AI for the defender slots, feel free to try single player (but single player is only available if you are an attacker slot only)

* NOTE: AI is more developed now with a difficulty selection for people looking to try single player mode. AI still uses a randomized system for unit training and game play, but its more balanced according to the difficulty you choose. But honestly AI is in place for learning purposes and should be treated as no more at this time. This map should be played with human players for best result. AI still needs a more development and will be done in the near future.

Download: Rpg Battle Siege v1.0a.w3x

Full Game Details:

As an attacking player at map initialization you are prompted to select a race before you begin your onslaught. After choosing one of the five race selections you will come into view of your home base area. At this point you will be prompted to select one of the 2 custom heroes designed for your selected race. After you have selected your hero, you gain control of all of your races structures and given a harvesting unit. Being your harvesting asap. The home base area is comprised of a Mercenary Camp (town hall) a barracks structure (depending on your race it will vary) an upgrade structure, a magical spire, an item shop, a gateway, and a large circle of power called Launch Attack. Also on your nearby bridgeway you will notice a guard tower.

Attacking Structures detailed:
- Mercenary Camp = This is your town hall structure. It is designed to destroy defending flying units that try to breach your base perimeter. It has the following abilities:
• Restore - Similar effect like a fountain of health and mana
• Bonus List - Displays all of the possible bonuses attackers can achieve
• Mass Attack - Orders all of your grount units to patrol to the Jewel Throne
• Reveal - Displays an area of the map, also detects invisible units (very important)
• Charge Spire - Gives an option to add mana to your magical spire

- Your barracks structure will be unique depending on the race you select. Each unit these custom barracks train, are labeled with brief information that is straight forward.

- Your upgrade structure will vary depending on the race you select. Be sure to review all of the upgrades to help formulate the strategies you may choose to pursue.

- Your Magical Spire again will vary depending on the race you select. It is very important to familiarize yourself with your magical spire. I advise you HOTKEY this unit by clicking on it and pressing CONTROL + 1 (or whatever number you like). These structures will play an important part of your overall strategy. Review them carefully. Note that spire's have 1000 mana, although they begin with 150 and have a fairly slow mana regen rate. The mana regen rate for this structure can be upgraded.

- Item Shop has a few custom items to assist the heroes and expand their life expetancy. I plan to add a few more items in later versions.

- Gateway is designed to allow attacking players to combine efforts on single bridgeways and/or apply pressure with different strategy. Allows movement through allied attacking player's home bases.

- The large circle of power (Launch Attack) is the place you must deploy your units once you feel ready to wage battle. Once a unit is launched it is placed on the nearby bridgeway and can begin its onslaught on the nearby defender walls. Regular units can never return to home base once they have been launched. Heroes may return with assistance of a spire. (be sure to review your magic spire)

- The guard tower at the rear point of each bridgeway is a powerful tower designed to be a place of refuge on a bridgeway if the defending players are able to overwhelm you as an attacker. Retreat behind this tower, it inflicts heavy damage, gives HP regen to your nearby units, and gives vision of nearby enemy invisible units. (There are a few permanent invisbles in this map) The tower should easily push defending units back into their fort area.

Objective as an attacking player
It has already been laid out, but you must destroy the structure called the Jewel Throne at the center bay in the defender fort. Although getting to this point will not be easy.
Generally the map is designed for an onslaught on defender walls. Breaking the walls, and allowing your troops to pour through and fight their way to the throne. But there is many different combat strategies and tactics for getting there. There are also many aerial units that can easily fly over the walls and aim for the prize. Although playing an aerial strategy is not that simple. There are many anti-air towers, and aerial units are a bit pricy. From this point, I leave it to you players to find your favourties and whatever strategies you see fit to achieving victory.

As a defending player (p1 red) you are opted to choose a wall type at map initialization. Bamboo, Wood, Stone, Steel. Each wall type will vary in armor type and will either be effective or less effective on specific attacking races. After the wall type has been selected you will be prompted to choose one of the three defender races. After you choose your race you will be put into view of your town hall structure and given a few units to begin. Nearby you see an upgrade structure, your magical spire, and many arrow towers scattered around your fort, and also Garrison structures (which is like an Orc Burrow, or a bunker for starcraft comparison) as well. Quickly familiarize yourself with the different structure types, how they operate and possible upgrades for each. Being a defending player may seem a bit more confusing because of the larger area of ground you will have to cover, although it is pretty straight forward once you learn the few structures that you have available. Just like the attacking players, be sure to familiarize yourself with your unique upgrades, and magical spire. I would also advise you HOTKEY your magical spire as a defender (control + number). You will also notice a few circle of powers scattered around the fort as well. These circle of powers are designed for quick passage and combat advantage within the defender fort, or to sneak out with melee units and engage attacking units on the outter walls as well. Being a defending player is a unique style of game play that requires you to make spontaenous choices on how much resources you will spend on combating attacking players while defending your walls, or choosing to amplify internal defenses to protect the jewel throne. Note that if your fort is breached dont be quick to give up... The internal battle for the throne then begins, and calls for greater importantance then the external battle for the walls. But keep in mind a hero that reaches a high level will be a dangerous force during the internal fort combat. So defending players will have to make choices on how much to spend and how quickly. Always remember if you slay an enemy hero, it will eliminate that attacking player.

Wall types explained
- Bamboo Walls have light armor and may seem to be the weakest choice, but it is the only wall type that has a HP regen rate, and holds very well against the Ogre race, but not very wall against the rest.
- Wood Walls have medium armor and will offer a moderate challenge for more experienced defenders. Medium armor reduces damage from 3 of the 4 attack types by 25%, but there are many units with normal attacks that will dent these walls fairly quickly.
- Stone Walls have heavy armor and is generally the ideal choice for a standard game. Only magic attacks inflict extra damage to this armor type, and magical attacks are fairly scarce, or usually a more expensive option anyhow.
- Steel Walls have fortified armor and are incredibly durable. They greatly reduce the damage from 3 of the 4 attack types by 50% or more. The only risk of choosing steel is against the Ogre race. Ogres will dent steel much faster then any other wall type.

Overall wall choice difficulty grade:
Bamboo = Generally the most challenging choice of wall types (unless every attacking player chooses ogres, which isnt likely to happen often) This choice is not advised for newer defending players, this wall type just falls too quickly to most attack types. Although this wall type proves an excellent challenge for veteran defender players.

Wood = Generally the ideal choice for a game of equal skilled players. The durability of this wall type being greater then bamboo offers much extra time for defending players. Although the basic attack type 'Normal' is what penetrates this wall type the quickest. Efficient micro will play an important part to both sides as an attacker or defender.

Stone = Generally an advantageous choice for defender players. Only magical attacks pose any threat to this wall type. Magical attacks are a more expensive option and will not surface very quickly. This choice is best suited for new to moderate skilled defenders. This will be the auto choice in single player mode, and this wall type is what I suggest for best overall balance.

Steel = Generally a very advantageous choice for defender players. Only 'Siege' attack types pose any threat to this wall type. Outside of the ogre race their is very limited siege choices. This choice is best suited for brand new defenders and will most likely provide more then ample time to construct inner forces and offer the necessary learning opportunity for a defending player. A very poor choice for veteran defenders, unless you have very skilled attackers that are looking for the optimal challenge.

Garrison Structures explained (Orc Burrow / Bunker type structure)

Humans = Human Garrison
Elves = Elven Battle Gate
Dwarves = Dwarf Fort

These structures are designed to enable refuge for up to 4 basic units of their respective races. This structure is a primary attack and defend structure that can also be upgraded and provides extra food for the defending players. These structures are not limited to regular building protocol. These structures can be built anywhere to assist with path blocking. Although poorly built structures may result in units getting stuck. An option to destroy these structures with full refund, is put in place in case of poorly built destination.

The rest of the defender options and buildable choices are very straight forward and will be easily learned during game play. I hope I have covered anything that may be confusing, but for more info PRESS F9 during gameplay to review the questlog

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