December 28, 2015

Saviors of Ellarys v2

Map  Saviors of Ellarys version 2.w3x Created by Galle

Savior of Ellarys is an RPG map that follows a single story, that is, it has an end. According to the course map, the story elements will appear. The full story is available in the game by pressing F9. Saviors of Ellarys is a fully collaborative map that supports up to 5 people, the map features 5 unique characters: Knight, Priest, Archer, Wizard, Mage. Each character has its main function in the group and why each is essential to win the game (this information is also available in the game by pressing F9). Saviors of Ellarys has 5 kind of items, common, rare, unique, legendary and epic. Unique itens drops only of bosses, other items drops of normal creatures.

Ellarys, the most powerful city in a world called Eternia, has the best armies and has an incredible destructive power, is the dominant city from around the world of Eternia. However, for years the world of Eternia is constantly attacked by demons that emerge from a mysterious crack that opened many years without any explanation, that slot is located at the entrance of a dormant volcano. This slot was open to several years, however only in recent years that demonic creatures began to invade the whole world of Eternia, and for being the dominant city in the world, Ellarys is the most suffering. Suffering constant attacks, Ellarys is one of the few cities still standing in Eternia, however invincible, dominant and with the best armies, Ellarys could not stay for long. Then a radical decision was made during a meeting with the king Merlini, king of all Ellarys, the decision was to send a group of the best soldiers to enter the slot and try to collect as much information as possible about these creatures and why they are invading Eternia.

5 unique characters
5 types of items (common, rare, unique, legendary, epic)
Own and captivating story

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