December 26, 2015

Skeletal Coast v1.3

Map Skeletal Coast 1.3.w3x Created by Strajder

"Skeletons litter this dying land. Will your enemies be next, or you and your allies?"

Gameplay: Based on StarCraft II team 4v4 maps. Two teams of up to four players start in "fortresses" and can expand on one of the two expansion "islands" or at the exposed expansion in front of the fortress. (Since version 1.2, the map had to be made "altered melee" to satisfy the need to arrange players in two teams on opposing sides. This is accomplished using custom triggers and player force settings.)

Lore: Skeletal Coast is the coastal area to the north of Shadowmoon territory in WarCraft II, the domain of Ner'zhul's Shadowmoon clan.

• 1x Fountain of Mana
• 2x Goblin Merchant
• 2x Goblin Laboratory
• 4x Tavern
• 8x starting Gold Mine (15000 gold each)
• 8x expansion Gold Mine (20000 gold each)
• 1x pair of Waygates

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