December 29, 2015

Sunken City 2.1.2

Map Sunken City v2.1.2.w3x Created by SpasMaster

Version 2.1.2. [29.12.2015] changelog:

General Changes
  • Gold gained throughout the game has been slightly reduced.
  • Some quests now award Attributes instead of Gold.
  • The Storm Warden, Deathstalker and Shadow Hunter heroes have been removed.
  • Zombies from the Skeletal Warlord mini-boss fight in the beginning of the game now spawn slightly less often.
  • The Attack Damage of the Doom Guard boss in the beginning of the game has been slightly reduced.
  • It should now be more difficult for Azsune to run out of mana.
  • The area of effect of the Healing Mists summoned by Naga Sirens has been reduced.
  • All heroes now start with fixed Attack Damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Glyph of Hellfire sometimes did not work.
  • Mana cost icon has been changed.

  • Soundset has been changed.
  • Eye of the Storm now works properly. (For real now)
Witch Doctor
  • Dark Voodoo has been removed.
  • A new ability has been added: Plague Toad.
  • Mind Essence has been removed.
  • A new ability has been added: Spirit Link.
  • Mind Control has been removed.
  • A new ability has been added: Mass Confusion.
  • The duration of Mending Ward has been reduced to 15 down from 25.
  • The duration of Mending Ward now scales with maximum health.
  • The healing of Medning Ward now also scales with Intelligence.
  • The target maximum health scaling of Mending Ward has been reduced to 2% down from 3%.
  • The cooldown of Mending Ward has been increased to 25 seconds up from 22 seconds.

  • Fixed a bug where Elven Stone of the Moon had additional unintended effects.
  • Shop Recipe items now include their total price. (Thanks to Warsinshadow)
  • Armguards of Forest Whispers now properly costs Shadow Crystals.
  • Fixed a bug where, not all lightnings that were protecting Thori'dal were getting removed upon unlocking it.
  • The proc chance of Lightbringer has been increased to 25% up from 15%.
  • The proc chance of Tidebringer has been increased to 20% up from 15%.
  • Fixed a bug where Dragonstone Amulet had unintentional side effects.
  • The damage of Serpent Wards summoned by Mask of the Voodoo God has been reduced to 35 down from 40.
  • A couple of minor tooltip fixes.
  • The Mage Hell Class item now has a new effect.

Sunken City is a dungeon crawler map with RPG elements. A huge part of the map is the constant search for hidden places, traps and small puzzles which add to the fun. The addition of several unique systems adds to the overall experience.

Recommended players: 2-3
Estimated gameplay time: Between 3 and 4 hours depending on number of players and difficulty chosen.
Number of heroes: 24
Maximum Level: 18

Download: Sunken City v2.1.2.w3x

Welcome to the Glyph System window. Each Player is able to choose up to a maximum of 3 Glyphs for his hero and will not be able to have more than 1 Glyph of each type. Glyphs will be changeable at any point of the game and are completely free. As said, players will have a maximum of 3 Glyphs, but that does not happen up until Level 6. You will have one Glyph slot at level 1, two Glyph slots at level 3 and three Glyph slots at level 6. Currently there are 9 Glyphs that are still a subject of change.

You can check them all out below:

 Glyph of Mana Shield: Reduces damage taken by amount equal to 2% of your maximum mana.

 Battle Frenzy: Your attacks have 12% chance to increase your attack speed by 35% for 5 seconds.

 Glyph of Replenishment: Causes you to regenerate 0,6% of missing mana each second.

 Glyph of Bloodthirst: Causes your hero to restore health equal to 12% of any damage he deals.

 Glyph of Magic Find: Increases item drop chances from all creeps by 15% for the party. This glyph stacks with other player's Magic Find glyphs.

 Glyph of Class Mastery: After casting your T hotkey ability, your hero will gain Class Mastery for 4 seconds, which provides one of the following effects depending on his primary attribute:

• Strength: increases armor by 4 and causes attacks against your hero restore 1% of his maximum health.
• Agility: after dealing damage greater than 3 times your hero level, 40% of that damage will be dealt again.
• Intelligence: regenerates 2% of maximum mana.

 Glyph of Glass Cannon: Increases damage dealt from all sources by 15%, but every time your units take damage, they will loose life equal to 10% of damage taken.

 Glyph of Renewal: Grants your spellcasts 40% chance to restore health to all friendly units within 700 range equal to 100% of your primary attribute.

 Glyph of Thunder: Your spellcasts have 16% chance to call down lightnings from the skies that deal damage equal to 170% of your primary attribute and stun all enemy units within 600 range for 1,15 seconds.

 Glyph of Blood Violence: Whenever you or your pets deal damage to an enemy unit, there is 4,5% chance that its flesh will explode and will damage all nearby enemies for amount equal to 160% of your primary attribute. If the damage dealt is less than 3 times your Hero level, the chance will be reduced to 1%.

 Glyph of Astral Shift: When your hero is below 30% of maximum health, he partially shifts into the elemental panes, absorbing 20% of any incoming damage.

 Glyph of Hellfire: Deals damage equal to 3 times your hero level to all enemy units within 400 range of your hero each second. Damage dealt is reduced 1 time your hero level when more than 3 units are affected and is doubled if only one unit is affected by this Glyph.

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