December 28, 2015

The Arena 1.4

Map The Arena v1.4.w3x Created by Filmting

Map Info:
Do you have what it takes to become the new champions of the arena, or will you suffer defeat! Come and see if you and your team will be strong enough to defeat all 10 challenging bosses in this boss style arena map!

Basically this is a very hard hero boss battle arena. You must work together with your team to try and defeat all 10 Bosses. Think World of Warcraft raiding. The bosses reset after you fail, and trust me you will fail alot, to defeat them. You can at anytime repick your hero, retrain spells for free, return items for a 100% value and consumeables are given back when fight is over. You are meant to try out everything and anything in your disposal and come up with a strategy to defeat the bosses.

This map can be very hard with a pug group, and it is recommend that you play with a premade group that have voice communication to get the furthest. That being said, a decent pug should be able to get a bit into the map, as bosses start off easy and get harder the further you progress.

Map is also avaliable on Entgaming and Makemehost.com under the name "TheArena" if you wish to host it on battle.net.

10 Challenging Bosses, only the best players can beat them all!
Fights reset after you fail allowing you to try again instantly!
Try out different strategies, free repicks, item returns, etc.
Also playable in singleplayer, but not recommended.
Ingame guide on the boss abilities in the F9 Menu.
8 Heroes, and 32 items
Author Notes:
The map was made for the Mini-Mapping Contest #9. As required of the contest the map was made in a 32x32 format. With this requirement i thought that creating a boss arena map wouldn't use much space, as everything would be fought in an arena. This though have limited the use of enviromental mechanics for the various bosses. I still made imo, some nice mechanics for the various bosses. As said in the video "What is The Arena", the map is meant to focus on strategy and execution, and not as much the eye candy dodge chaos of a map like Impossible Bosses.

I have setup by own host bot to host this map on battle.net. Add "FilmtingHostBot" to your friend list to keep track of games.

Download: TheArena1.4.w3x
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