December 20, 2015

The World of Azeroth Reborn 1.5.4b

Map The World of Azeroth Reborn - WoAR 1.5.4bHotfix2.w3x by Sxxylycan

What's Azeroth: AWR? It's simple, this map is an open-style role-playing game where each player chooses a faction and they create a interesting experience together, or, If they so want to, fight battles throughout Azeroth and Outland. Aside from role-playing purposes the map also provides balanced armies with which players will not have to rely on the faction they choose but rather on strategic skill to overcome their opponents. In short, Azeort:AWR is what you, the players, make it.

Gameplay modes
  • Normal - Engage in combat in a team of 3 in an attempt to capture all (W)orld (C)ontrol (P)oints
  • Roleplay - Forge epic stories along side your friends
  • Free For All - A mode in which the world becomes your battlegrounds

1.5.4b Changlelog
-Defias Brotherhood Included with the blackguard and juggernauth and edwin vancleef and bunch of other units

Dark Iron Dwarves
-Lavaspawn Summoning has been severly nerfed
-Rifleman Model has been changed to suit the theme of gilnean unit tree.
-King graymane's Summon nerfed

-Reterrained Barrens to be more strategic, Ardor Isle has been remade with now the feathermoon stronghold, Astranaar has been added(no events yet included)
-bit of repathing and reterraining
All income of Gold mines have been reduced to 25 for each mine

Bug fixes
-Lich king's levels reseting to 15 more than once
-few description fixes of hero spells
-100 other bug fixes
-some workers categorized as sappers

Hot Fix
-Fixed the limitations
-Defias triggers fixed as they destroyed every single unit inside deadmines
hot fix 2
-Repaired the armor upragades of the spearmen/assasins of humans
-Buffed Korkron Guards of ogrimmar
-Severly Debuffed the Vancleefs and the starting army size
-Removed testing unit
-Fixed Stonemason's Landing ability's ability name
-few bug fixes

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