December 26, 2015

Ultimate Micro Melee v0.33

Map Ultimate Micro Melee v0.33 Created by Legal_Ease

Other features include:
  • 2.36 MBs file size
  • Aggressive AI (set to easy, difficult or insane)
  • Custom Dota-style Hero minimap indicator
  • Custom Selection Circles
  • Custom Cursor Set
  • Custom Cursor Models (saves space eliminating the need for multiple imports)
  • 30 Heroes all with at least one GUI ability
  • Naga Sound System (only partly functional due to Blizzard conditions)
  • Dynamic Environmental Effects (4 daily weather changes with sound and regional sounds)
  • Items Drop on Death (because you really can't take it with you)
  • Dialogue Menu Race Selection
  • Pandaren Build Animation System 
  • -Summon like undead
  • -Harvest like humans
  • -NightElf build animations
  • -Summon Build Effect added to Pick Ax
  • 50+ Brilliant OE Spells that look GUI
  • Fitting Unit Upgrades and Races Research
  • Blood effects from Melee attacks
  • MultiBoard for Kill Count
  • Tooltip Borders, Buttons and XpBar from Blizzard textures
  • Gradient and Multi-color Texts for Attributes and Tooltips
  • Ogre Peon Skin by Legal_Ease
  • Summoned Unit tether system
  • Hi-Res MiniMap
Possible Future Additions:
!(Feel free to suggest)!
Additional Players (at a cost of losing Mana/Hp Bar System)
More Heroes (Did someone say Invoker?)
More Races (Yes, that is actually possible)
Different Maps

Map Terrain = Echo Islands (reworked Tile Set and doodads)

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