December 30, 2015

UMW Ancient Glacier (8) 1.4.w3x

Map UMW Ancient Glacier (8) 1.4.w3x Created by Herohatcher

Herohatcher presents:
Unmodern Warfare is a fast-action strategy modification, select one of four factions and battle other players or bots. It is an important part of the game to gain experience from kills, killstreaks and production to skill active and passive abillitys for your army. Each faction has it's own abillitys, buildings and units.

What makes Unmodern Warfare a special map and worth it to try ?
For me, it seems like a mix between Starcraft and Warcraft III. Factions are designed with heart and brain and the required micromanagement is somewhere in between the both mentioned above.
In addition killstreaks and special weapons give it an individual taste a la C&C.

Category: Altered Meele
Average Game Time: 20min
Minimum Players: 1+

Download: UMW Ancient Glacier (8) 1.4.w3x
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