December 31, 2015

Warcraft Europe v65

Map Warcraft Europe V65.w3x Created by Matthew Meyer

  • First Feature: New Custom Blood Elf Race!!!
  • Custom Human Units: Dragon Knight, Dragon Wizard, Dragon Tank, Dragon Phoenix.
  • Custom Orc Units: Ogre Mauler, Ogre Magi, Red Drake.
  • Custom Undead Units: Fel Spitter, Obsidian Guard, Succubus, Nether Whelp.
  • Custom Night Elf Units: Satyr Shadowdancer, Satyr Soulstealer, Harpy Rouge.
  • Custom Heroes: Pandaren Brewmaster, Beastmaster, Pit Lord, Dark Ranger, Naga Sea Witch, Tinker, and Alchemist.
Some else stuff about map:
The mythology of Warcraft 3 is partially based on medieval Europe so I thought what could be a better idea for a custom map than a Europe map!

Author's notes: Take advantage of the custom units, they are expensive but powerful.

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