December 29, 2015

World of Warcraft Melee 1.70 AI

Map World of Warcraft Melee 1.70 +AI - Wowm19.w3x Created by ArgentinianUser

Map Info:
This is an altered melee that includes WoW and WC3 ROC/TFT unplayable races, with the four standard races of the game.
Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Night Elf (reduced), Draenei, Worgen, Orc, Troll, Tauren, Forsaken, Blood Elf, Goblin, Pandaren, Naga, Lost Ones, Fel Orcs, Legion and the four standard races.
Every races with specific features.

About the gameplay:
I did a little modification to the gameplay to make it more competitive, every tier of each race has a shop where the players can buy a scroll of town hall, potion of manĂ¡ and health, and the tiers also have the ability "heartstone" that can heal friendly units.
This map can be played in single player mode, every race have a AI working, in case that there are lag you should choose less players and/or races.

Map download: Wowm19.w3x

Racial Features:

"The noble humans of Stormwind are a proud, tenacious race. They bravely fought the orcish Horde for generations as the patrons of the Grand Alliance. Just as they thought peace had at last settled over their war-torn kingdoms, an even darker shadow descended upon the world."
*Defense: Militia
*Powerful magic units and versatile
*The human honor and courage give them a bonus hp regen

"The stoic dwarves of Ironforge spent countless generations mining treasures from deep within the earth. Secure in their impregnable stronghold of Ironforge Mountain, the dwarves rarely ventured beyond the wintry peaks of Dun Morogh." 
*Defense: Stone Form
*Units with hp bonus and damage
*Good at minery

"The clever, spunky, and oftentimes eccentric gnomes present a unique paradox among the civilized races of Azeroth. Brilliant inventors with an irrepressibly cheerful disposition, this race has suffered treachery, displacement, and near-genocide. It is their remarkable optimism in the face of such calamity that symbolizes the truly unshakable spirit of the gnomes."
*Acelerated Building and repair
*Bonus Intelligence
*Fast early units with evasion

Night Elf
"For ten thousand years, the immortal night elves cultivated a druidic society within the shadowed recesses of Ashenvale Forest. Then the catastrophic invasion of the Burning Legion shattered the tranquility of their ancient civilization. Then the catastrophic invasion of the Burning Legion shattered the tranquility of their ancient civilization."
Defense: Ancients 
*Strongers in the night
*Hide ability in the shadows

"Empowered by the Holy Light and the undying strength of their convictions, the draenei lead the charge against the demonic Burning Legion in Outland. Now, with the Legion's defeat, they have completed the desperate mission that first brought them to Azeroth. Though some draenei were sent back to Outland to revitalize their former civilization, the majority have vowed to stay and uphold their sacred commitment to the Alliance. Driven by a powerful vision, the immortal prophet Velen believes that a great war between the Darkness and the Light is fast approaching and that Azeroth will be its principal battleground. As one of Velen's chosen, you must stand bravely against the Shadow to ensure that your people are ready for the war to come."
Defense: Gift of the Naruu
*Powerful magic units
*Good at strentgh

"Led by their indomitable king, Genn Greymane, the proud citizens of Gilneas once stood with the Alliance against the vile orcish Horde that sought to conquer all of Lordaeron. Gilneas survived but, in the years following the Second War, the kingdom drew ever inward. Distrustful of their former allies, the Gilneans erected a mighty wall at the borders of their land, closing off their nation - and their hearts - from an ever-darkening world. Now, many years later, as the seemingly unstoppable undead Scourge marches across Lordaeron, human civilization once again teeters on the edge of destruction. As war and terror close in all around them, the citizens of Gilneas are faced with one, terrible truth: their mighty wall cannot hold back the dead for much longer and, worse, rumors of a new threat have risen within the kingdom's borders of feral, nightmare creatures that walk upright as men but hunt and howl as wolves."
Defense: Transformation
*Similar to Human race

"Long ago, the noble orcish race was corrupted by the Burning Legion and transformed into the merciless, destructive Horde. Lured to the world of Azeroth, the orcs were forced to make war upon the human kingdoms of Stormwind and Lordaeron in what would become known as the First and Second Wars. After many years, a visionary young warchief rose to lead his people in their darkest hour. Fittingly enough, the young orc’s name was Thrall. Under his rule, the orcs freed themselves from the chains of demonic corruption and embraced their shamanistic heritage."
Defense: Orc Burrows
*Bonus at strenght
*Good resistance

"Exiled years ago from their land in Stranglethorn Vale, the Darkspear trolls attempted to make a new home for themselves among the disparate races of the Horde. Under the leadership of the noble Warchief Thrall, Vol'jin and his savage trolls had finally found the honor and purpose they had been searching for but now, under the rule of the headstrong Garrosh Hellscream, the trolls fear that the Horde could tear itself apart. Vol'jin knows that whatever threats loom ahead, whether they be from within the Horde or from without, it is cunning trolls like you that will fight to preserve the honor of the Horde."
Defense: Berserk
*Fast units
*Bonus regen hp

"For countless generations, the bestial tauren roamed the plains of the Barrens, hunted the mighty kodos, and sought the wisdom of their eternal goddess, the Earth Mother. Scattered across the land, the wandering tribes were united only by a common hatred for their sworn enemy, the marauding centaur. Seeking aid against the centaur, the chieftain, Cairne Bloodhoof, befriended Warchief Thrall and the other orcs, who had journeyed to Kalimdor."
Defense: War Stomp
*Good HP
*Bonus mana regen

"Though Lady Sylvanas and her Forsaken finally took vengeance upon their hated enemy, the Lich King, their dark crusade in Northrend proved costly. Betrayed by their Grand Apothecary, Putress, at the Battle of Wrathgate, the Forsaken's devious plague of death was unleashed on both the Alliance and the Horde to calamitous event. Unbeknownst to Sylvanas, Putress and his demonic ally, Varimathras, had taken control of the Undercity. As a result, the Forsaken were wrongly blamed for the traitor's atrocities."
Defense: Canivalize
*Spawn zombies
*Good at necromancy

Blood Elf
"The past few years have seen unprecedented changes within the eternal land of Quel'Thalas. The blood elves, following the will of their crazed leader, Kael'thas Sunstrider, channeled dangerous, chaotic magicks to transform their sacred Sunwell into a gateway of unspeakable evil. While Kael'thas and his demonic masters were eventually defeated, a different transformation occurred within the Sunwell itself as a dying naaru sacrificed its life essence to reignite the Sunwell as a font of holy energy. Now, the blood elf regent, Lor'themar Theron, sees a new hope on the horizon for his people. Over time, the Sunwell's Light could cure the blood elves of their cursed state, but many still cling to the arcane powers they procured and are hesitant to relinquish them. As one of the remaining blood elves, you must fight to protect Quel'Thalas and help redeem the soul of your ancient people."
Defense: Mana drain and Silence
*Good mana regen
*Powerful Magic units

"The wise and cunning goblins of Kezan have lived in relative peace for generations. Though some of their race sided with the marauding orcs during the Second War, most goblins remained neutral throughout the various conflicts of the Alliance and Horde. Ruled over by corrupt yet highly affluent Trade Princes, the goblins created a virtual paradise for themselves throughout the islands of the South Seas. Their fantastic feats of engineering and vast trade fleets helped make their island capital of Kezan one of the great technological wonders of the world. And now, as the elements themselves rise up in anger across the world, the goblins' mechanical paradise will be put to the test. For, very soon, fate will force them to choose sides in a conflict that will shape the very history of the world."
Defense: Kaboom!
*Speed bonus
*Intelligence bonus

"Couched in myth and legend, rarely seen and even more rarely understood, the enigmatic pandaren have long been a mystery to the other races of Azeroth. The noble history of the pandaren people stretches back thousands of years, well before the empires of man and before even the sundering of the world."
Defense: Defend Temple
*HP regen at base
*Balanced stats

"The serpentine naga are some of the most formidable villains of Azeroth. Masters of sorcery, the naga were formerly night elves, members of Queen Azshara's court in the War of the Ancients. They were transformed into naga by the Old Gods, and now haunt the seas of Azeroth building a great civilization on the ocean floor."
Defense: Parasite
*Amphibious walk and building
*Bonus in speed and strenght

Lost Ones
"The Lost Ones are a highly mutated and devolved subrace of draenei. They have devolved further than the Broken and many have become more savage and primitive. The term can be used in two senses: to refer to all of these devolved draenei or to refer solely to the group of Lost Ones living in the Fallow Sanctuary in the Swamp of Sorrows on Azeroth. Despite having devolved, Lost Ones may still be referred as draenei."
Defense: Wind walk
*Hide ability
*Mana bonus rege

Fel Orcs
"When the pit lord Magtheridon took control of Outland, he created fel orcs by corrupting them with his blood. Fel orcs made up the backbone of Magtheridon's armies. After Magtheridon was defeated by Illidan and imprisoned, the fel orcs stayed in Hellfire Citadel, keeping guard over the captured pit lord. "
Defense: Unholy Frenzy
*Chaos damage
*Strenght bonus

Burning Legion
"The Burning Legion is a vast, innumerable army of demons, infernals, and corrupted races who seek to destroy any trace of order in the universe. They have thrice invaded Azeroth, and were only beaten back at a terrible cost. Much of Azeroth's history — including the First, Second, and Third War — were due to the Legion's influence. It can be said that the Legion is Azeroth's nemesis; it corrupted the orcs who then invaded Azeroth, created the Lich King and is the source of most of Azeroth's scars. It should also be noted that Azeroth is the only known planet that they have ever failed to conquer."
Defense: Curse
*Good at summoning units
*Chaos Damage
*Versatile units types

Map download: Wowm19.w3x
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