July 29, 2015

Villains of Warcraft v19b

Map Villains of Warcraft v19b.w3x by Maximum_Evil
Safe Azeroth from the villains of Warcraft
Pick a hero and fight against the mo!
st epic villains the Warcraft universe has to offer!
You will face them at the end of their wings, but you have to face their army before you face the big bad boss

At the moment there are 18 heroes to choice from, 4 wings to experience, 24 quests to complete and 17 epic bosses to beat!
  • First you pick a hero at the tavern. It will spawn in a chosen wing. 
  • You start with all your abilities, so you won't have to wait for a higher level to have them all. Making the gameplay more interesting and intense from the start. 
  • Each wing has its own theme and style, four bosses with multiple phases, units with their own unique and custom abilities, three challenges to complete. There are also Achievements you can complete, but those aren't particular for an individual wing.
  • You can pick between three difficulties at the start: Easy, Normal and Hard. Picking Hard makes the enemy ofcourse stronger: Increases attack damage, health, armor and improved abilities.
  • When you are with less than 4 people, you can pick more heroes so you have always 4 heroes
  • to play!

Category: Role Playing (RPG)
Tileset: Ashenvale
Dimensions: 256x224
Playable Area: 256x224
Recommended Players: 1 - 4
Size: 5543.5 KB

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Tien Ma Gioi (AI) II v1.4.w3x

Map Tien Ma Gioi (AI)1.4 by Blade Master (VietNam) - 29/07/2015
-Game mode: -ar, -ai, -ma, -ct, -test, -cl
-Map Author: Blade Master
-Edit by King.Sonic from ver 1.2
Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 160x160
Playable Area: 160x160
Recommended Players: 2-8
Size: 6191.3 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Tien Ma Gioi (AI)1.4 atest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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Skamigo's Hero Defense 2.56

Map Skamigo's Hero Defense 2.56 Created by skamigo & bluegreen891 (released 07/29/2015)

Choose from 38 very unique heroes to defend against 60 epic waves of enemies.
Learn skills like Weaponcraft, Spellcraft, Capitalism and Wisdom.

Type "-random" to pick random heroes including the secret hero.
"-cam (number)" to change to a further camera view.
"-Kills" show kill count, type "-impossible" to play impossible difficulty.
"-count" to show number of enemies. "-rate" to show exp rate of all players.
"-ms" to show movement speed. "-support" to unlock support tavern for singleplayer.
"-size" to make enemies grow 2x ."-boom" to see for yourself.
"-t" to teleport back to the castle.

For Weather commands:
-weather snow, -weather rain, -weather wind, weather moonlight, -weather off

Download: Shd 2.56.w3x

-This map can play up to 6 players
-The castle can be upgraded which cost 75 Diamonds
-There are over hundreds of Items to purchase
-Has 5 difficulties to choose from
-Bosses have custom spells
-Has Recipes for better and stronger items
-95% Custom Spells (triggered)
-Less Leaks and Clean
-Fun to play which keeps you entertain after playing several times
-Has secret events that gives extremely powerful items
-Has special tower that act as a hero

You can access the unprotected version of the map (can be found in author's note)
But the map link in hive is protected.

Reward for Kills: gives rewards on killing 150/300/450/600 and thrice on single player.
Hero Tower: This tower can level up and use items.
Diamond: Is a currency that is equivalent to 10000 golds.
Weather System: This system gives players commands to weathers (see commands at top)

Omega spell: each hero can learn his strongest spell, to learn it the hero has to reach level 30 and defeat the omega boss, paying 15000 gold to challenge him in the arena (Shop north-west corner)

CRAFTS: there are 5 crafts that you can increase with certain items or by leveling

->Weaponcraft (only for weaponcraft heroes): the more weaponcraft you have, the more damage your abilities do, and generally improve your abilities. Weaponcraft increases your strength by 1 for each 100% after each wave.

->Powercraft (only for powercraft heroes): the more powercraft you have, the more damage your spells do or just generally improve your spells. Powercraft increases your agility by 1 for each 100% after each wave.

->Spellcraft (only for spellcraft heroes): the more spellcraft you have, the more damage your spells do, the longer your summons last, or just in general improve your spells. Spellcraft increases your intelligence by 1 for each 100% after each wave.

->Capitalism gives you bonus gold after each wave, amount increases per wave, the more capitalism you have, the more gold you receive. Effects abilities for certain heroes.

->Wisdom gives you bonus exp after each wave, amount increases per wave, the more wisdom you have, the more experience you receive. Effects abilities for certain heroes. Effects abilities for certain heroes.

Personal Items: Each hero has a personal item that he/she can unlock; you need to get the item Personal Item unlocker and you will kill 100 units to unlock the personal item.

You can challenge 3 bosses: Fire Master, Plague King and Grand lich to gain diamond.

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July 27, 2015

DotA v6.84a Allstars B8.w3x

Map Dota 6.84a beta 8 released (07/28/2015)



  • Bloodstone suicide manacost removed
  • Courier

  • Courier now allowed to use Mango as well as Salve and Clarity
  • Ethereal blade

  • Ethereal Blast effects now dispells if target become magic immune
  • Ethereal Blast no longer affects caster unless directly targeted
  • Fixed Ethereal state didn't being recognized
  • Mango

  • Mango no loger has cooldown
  • Moon Shard

  • Moon Shard now can be consumed by Spirit Bear
  • Radiance

  • Radiance switch cooldown from 3 to 1
  • Smoke

  • Smoke will no longer dispell from structures, but smoked heroes will be visible under their Truesight
  • Wards

  • Fixed Wards can't be pulled at unit with no items

Read full changelog here: Dota 6.84a beta 8 changelog
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New Naruto Shippuuden 1.62

Map New_Naruto_Shppuuden_v1.62.w3x by Lirge (Russian member)
This version fix bug map New Naruto Shippuuden. You can play and test it

World of Shinobi, who lives and fights for his country, or against it. Take part in this war and decide the fate of the world.
NOTE: The setting of the game, putting everything to the maximum

Shinobi world, who lives and fights for his country, or against him. Take part in this war and decide the fate of this world
= Knowledge = Power of the Great.

  • Category: Role Playing (RPG)
  • Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
  • Dimensions: 192x192
  • Playable Area: 186x180
  • Recommended Players: 2-12
  • Size: 7779.3 KB
Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about New-Naruto-Shippuuden v1.62 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

Download: New_Naruto_Shippuuden_v1.62.w3x
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July 26, 2015

Attack On Anime 1.3b

Map Attack On Anime 1.3b.w3x released 07/2015

This is the final version 8 Mb.
------------- AOA 1.3 -------------
Add Hero Enel
Add Hero Goku SS4
Add Hero Gajeel
Fix Bug Sanji
Fix Bug Goku SS4
Fix Bug Gajeel
Fix Bug Jellal
Fix Bug Sesshomaru
Fix Bug Gintoki
Fix Bug item Sword of Totsuka
Next Version >>> Map More 8mb.
Category: Hero Arena
Recommended Players: 10
Size: 7.21 MB

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July 25, 2015

Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.1b

Map Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.1b - NinpouStormMN4.1b.w3x by Fire_Arkangel

Version 4.1 Changelog:
- Added Death Recap system (type -damage and you can see the list of damages you received and dealt)
- Removed option of 40 deaths on Survival Mode
- Decreased ANBUs dog bash chance
- On survival/battle royal mode, now when a hero dies, he drops a soul that when picked recovers 20% of HP and MP
- On domination mode, now there are portals that teleport among the camps

- Fixed Zetsu attacking on Mayfly if he has orb
- Fixed bug of Muu T while others are on duel
- Fixed Naruto and Minato teleport
- Fixed spells that suddenly lose target like Guren Q, Chiyo R, Killer Bee R (need to know if there are any others..)
- Fixed of Amaterasu on Sasuke
- Fixed Hashirama 1000 hands sometimes not casting
- Ohnoki: Fixed R and T sometimes not working
- Deidara: Fixed Q sometimes (very rarely) not working
- Fixed bug of Explosive Kunai sometimes not dealing damage

- Killer Bee: Damage of W changed from magic to normal
- Changed Kakuzu Q to Int X Lvl
- Decreased casting time of Haku T a little and passive now makes attack have 10% chance to freeze the target during 1 second, but casting range of Q decreased
- Fixed Naruto Kyuubi Chakra Mode Rasengan damage
- Fixed bugs with some heroes (like sasuke and naruto) on battle royal mode starting at level 1
- Decreased Neji casting time
- Added Ultimate Choose to Hashirama
- Hidan: Semi life regeneration decrease, but now doesn't slow (with Scythe, the regeneration range is hugely increased)
- Hidan new passive: Berserk (you gain more strength when your hp is low. formula: (1 - percentage of hp) / 500 * current strength, not including bonus)
- Nagato new passive: Amegakure Rain (makes rain above a determined area, making all enemies who pass by it detectable on minimap. Last 60 seconds. Cooldown: 180s)
- Kabuto new starting ability: Destroy nervous system (prevent the unit from being healed during 30s. Cooldown: 120s)
- Now when Lee activates the Eighth Gate, he is immune to negative effects
- Tenten new passive: Weapon master (Price of Ninja Weapons like Fuuma Shuriken, Explosive Kunai and Senbons Dance is reduced by 500g to the whole team) and haven't starting cooldown
- Kiba new passive: Piss (Get vision of the area he passes by during 3 additional seconds)
- Kaguya new starting ability: Dimension Shift (teleport near to the entry of your portal, if it exists. Cooldown: 180s)
- Chouji new starting ability: Yummy! (Gives randomly a chakra sweet, sushi or fried chicken when activated. cooldown: 100s)
- Konan new passive: Explosive notes (when she dies, she deals damage around her equal to 3 X Genjutsu), now her Q deals less damage when target is hit by explosion
- Added Maito Gai level 50 skill: Eighth Gate.
- New team: Master Puppeters (Kankuro + Sasori + Chiyo): 100% of damage is shared among the three units.
- Damage of Itachi R increased a bit
- Danzo T suicide skill is now passive, as well as Chouji butterfly (sorry, forgot to implement...)
- Sasori taijutsu gain on Sandaime Kazekage puppet form reduced from 20 x lvl to 10 x lvl
- Danzo new passive: Vaccuum Blade (infuse his kunai with wind chakra, gaining a temporary speed boost when he attacks the target. When user is on Izanagi, attack has also 20% chance to silence enemy for 2s).
- Sasori + Deidara team bonus changed: Instead of fireworks, now they gain 1 additional genjutsu each time they level up.

- Triple-Bladed Scythe stats increased by 10
- Akatsuki Cloth: Shadow Meld replaced by Akatsuki Set's Shadow Meld
- Akatsuki Set: Now invisibility really isn't detectable by mirror (sorry, it was bugged...)
- Instead of HP, Kusanagi now gives +10 stats
- Increased armor reduction of Dark weapons from -15 to -20
- All super boots changed: You get a speed buff when you leave the fountain area on your base
- Scroll of Summoning: Medical Slug summoned has better heal, more casting range and now can carry items
- Decreased cooldown of Gunbai from 40s to 30s
- Increased casting speed of Flash Bomb
- Changed Legendary Shuriken active skill to Shunshin no Jutsu: Allow to teleport instantly to a short distance
- Cooldown of Bomb reduced from 40s to 30s
- Explosive tags now stuns for 1.5s
- You can now merge an elemental weapon (i.e., Fire Kunai) with a high level ninja weapon (i.e., explosive kunai)
+ The following combinations provide the high level ninja weapon additional effects:
++ Water Kunai + Explosive Kunai: Enemy get slowed by 50% for 4 seconds.
++ Wind Kunai + Explosive Kunai: Increase casting range of explosive kunai by 500.
++ Lightning Kunai + Explosive Kunai: Enemy get esnared by 2 seconds.

++ Wind senbons + Senbons Dance: Increase casting range of Senbons dance by 500.
++ Lightning senbons + Senbons dance: Enemy get esnared by 2 seconds.
++ Fire senbons + Senbons dance: Increase area of effect of Senbons dance by 200.
++ Earth senbons + Senbons dance: Enemy get stunned by 1 second.

++ Fire shuriken + Fuuma shuriken: Increase area of effect of Fuuma shuriken by 200.
++ Water shuriken + Fuuma shuriken: Enemy get slowed by 50% for 4 seconds.
++ Earth shuriken + Fuuma shuriken: Enemy get stunned by 1 second.
But increment high level ninja weapon cooldown by 10 seconds.
The others combinations don't give additional effects, but stay the same cooldown.
- Price of Orb of Darkness reduced from 6000 to 5000

Download: NinpouStormMN4.1b.w3x
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Fighting for One Piece 1.3

Map Fighting for One Piece 1.3 - one_piece_1.3_prot.w3x by Spiridon
Pick your favorite character from One Piece and fight!

-New Heroes!
-New Items!
-Old Heroes Reworked!

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
Dimensions: 160x128
Playable Area: 148x116
Recommended Players: One Piece fans!
Size: 7761.6 KB

You can play this map with friends or AI++ (Computer)

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Fighting for One Piece 1.3. latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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July 23, 2015

Legend of Worlds v2.3a AI

Map Legend of Worlds v2.3a[AI].w3x by DarkDaro,X_Squirrel_X,

Legend of Worlds v2.3a[AI]
47 different characters!
Enjoy the game!

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Cityscape
Dimensions: 128x128
Playable Area: 116x116
Recommended Players: 2-12
Size: 3846.7 KB

Встречайте!Наконец вышла долгожданная новая версия карты Legend of Worlds v2.3a[AI]! Проведенная огромная работа, карта лучше оптимизирована, сделано огромное количество косметических изменений!

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Sword Art Online : SAO Infinity Adventure 0.02 [Official]

Official Map Sword Art Online : Infinity Adventure Version 0.02

You need SAO IA Pack.mix Model pack to play this map: [Put in Warcraft III/redist/miles]

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/80fioxyb7i3noue (SAO IA Pack.mix)

Link Download map: SAO Infinity Adventure v0.02 Official

-Lisbeth has been added. Main attribute is intelligence. A player slot has not been added, will be added with the addition of Agil.
-Fixed Asuna's and Sinon's effects.
-Fixed a bug where Asuna's spells would lock the camera onto the target.
-Reduced Silica's level 1 skill cooldown from 2 seconds to 1.
-Increased the cooldown of Yui's blink from 3 seconds to 5.

-Text remakes. Now shows more detail about the items' stat gains.
-Prices for all items changed.
-Prices for upgrades changed.
-Added item grades. (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Mythic)
-Remade some of the items' abilities.

-Fixed a bug where monsters did not spawn.
-Fixed a bug where Gleam Eyes' howl spell would crash the game.
-Fixed a bug where you could use Teleport Crystal in the unstuck zone.
-Hero icons of allies have been added to the left side of the corner to keep easier track of your party.
-Fixed most of the grammar mistakes.
-Quests and Quests' text have been updated, corrected and rewritten.
-Loading screen changed.
-Expirience gainings reduced furhter.
-Gold gainings from monsters significantly reduced.
-The bags should now display as a worker and not as a hero icon.
-Fixed a bug where bags would either not be called or mixed together.
-The maze dungeon now randomly changes the correct gate.
-Camera command remade. Minimum zoom: 1000. Maximum zoom: 3000.
-Bags' Call and Back commands are now bound to buttons.
-Teleport Crystals are now bound to buttons.
-Quest rewards have been changed.
-Lobby forces changed. Force 1: Players, Force 2: NPC, Force 3: AI.

-Gleam Eyes' now does his spells less frenquently.
-Ice Dragon's basic health has been reduced.
-Santa Claus nicholas can now spawn 4 snowmen at random times during the fight.
-Nicholas now starts a blizzard effect whenever he's about to excecute his snowball spell.
-Fixed a bug where Illfrag the Kobold lord would cause global damage without the stomp spell being cast.
-The Wolf King now randomly walks into the forest.

Some Usable Commands in the Map:
-clear ( To clear all system message )
-ms ( To check your current movement speed)
-cam 80 to -cam 130 ( Enable you to adjust your camera distance)
-debug ( If your unit is paused , screen keep shaking or your movement speed or something are weird...you can type this command and try to fix it )
-unstuck(If you are stucked in somewhere after you using an ability you can type this command and teleport back to the 1st town in 3 minutes)

Link Download map: SAO Infinity Adventure v0.02 Official

You need SAO IA Pack.mix Model pack to play this map: [Put in Warcraft III/redist/miles]
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/80fioxyb7i3noue (SAO IA Pack.mix)

Make sure to report any bugs you find or you can suggest. We are always open for suggestions!

Source: http://www.game2f.com/2015/07/sao-infinity-adventure-v0-02/
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July 17, 2015

Dragon Age Origins Remake : 0.98BX3

Map Dragon Age Origins Remake : 0.98BX3 - Dragon Age Rmk0.98BX3.1-hotfix.w3x
by Olorin[Kome]

What if... Orzammar fall ?
What if... the Gray Wardens fail ?
What if... Caila was still alive ?
What if... you write your own Dragon Age legend ?

Category: Other
Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
Dimensions: 224x256
Playable Area: 212x244
Recommended Players: ! Full House !
Size: 7844.9 KB

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July 16, 2015

Anime Character Fight v2.6b

Map Anime Character Fight 2.6b - ACF_v2_6b.w3x

Map made by: Tailer007

Recommended players: 2v2 or 3v3

Map type: Hero arena

Language: English

New heroes: Esdeath

Restored heroes: Itachi, Zaraki Kenpachi

Category: Hero Arena

Tileset: Icecrown Glacier

Dimensions: 96x64

Playable Area: 84x56

Recommended Players: 1x1 / 2x2 / 3x3 / 4x4

Size: 7418.6 KB

Link Download: Anime Character Fight 2.6b

Source: http://www.game2f.com/2015/07/anime-character-fight-2-6b/
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July 15, 2015

Huyen Thoai Vo Lam (Defense) v4.5

Map Huyen Thoai Vo Lam (Defense) v4.5.w3x by Nh Blade Master (VietNam)

Cap nhat: F9 de xem chi tiet (F9 More info in game)
Command: vn, -rp, -swap, -ma, -cl

Map hiện tại có 33 hero, lấy ý tưởng từ các game online Kiếm Thế, Thiên Long Bát Bộ, Võ Lâm 2, Tiếu Ngạo Giang Hồ,...

Nhiệm vụ chính: Phòng thủ

Chế độ: có 4 chế độ
- Dễ: mỗi 7 level sẽ có 1 boss xuất hiện, giết boss 5 sẽ win
- Bình thường: level 5,10,16,25,32, xuất hiện Âm Binh (dame cao, hp cao, có stun)
- Khó: Giống bình thường, nhưng ở level 13,19,26,31, xuất hiện boss thủ lĩnh (dame cao, hp cao, sử dụng skill)
- Địa Ngục: Giống khó, nhưng sau khi giết boss 5 sẽ không Win, mà tiếp tục 7 level nữa với Quái cực mạnh (dame cao, Hp cao), sau 7 level sẽ xuất hiện boss cuối

Event: Có 2 event, sau level 6 và level 20

Cách chơi: đơn giản, vào game train level, train gold, lumber sau đó săn boss up item, phòng thủ

Các lệnh trong Map: vn (về nhà)
  • Item: 4 Item cơ bản, Giáp, Mũ, Đai, Kiếm => Nâng cấp +4
  • Săn thủy tinh để nâng cấp Item +4 => Trang bị thường, tinh luyện, truyền thuyết (có 3 loại trang bị ứng với 3 loại thủy tinh Sức mạnh, nội công, thân pháp)
  • Quan Ấn: Khi đủ tiền và danh vọng(Lumber: có được khi đánh quái và event) có thể mua quan ấn Hiệu úy, sau đó nâng cấp lên Thống lĩnh, Phó Tướng, Đại Tướng, Nguyên soái
  • Trang sức: hợp nhất Mũ, Giáp, Đai +4 => hạng liên, dùng huyền tinh 1,2,3,4 để nâng cấp hạng liên (có tỉ lệ thành công)

Còn 1 số Item do boss rơi ra

H­ướng dẫn ghép Item cho những bạn cần
Link mf: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6o3143hke6wywhf/

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Fantasmagoria RPG v8.w3x

Map Fantasmagoria RPG v8 by Akella & BAN (Russian)
Full RUS language

Category: Role Playing (RPG)
Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
Dimensions: 256x256
Playable Area: 256x256
Recommended Players: 1-8
Size: 7220 KB

Fantasmagoria RPG v8 ChangeLog:
-исправлен баг способности "Удар в спину" героя Коршун
-новый квест "Подарок Велора"
-добавлен дополнительный дроп предметов для некоторых боссов
-исправлено описание задания "Тускарский лекарь"
-новый квест "Званный ужин"
-исправлено описание задания "Эшелон"
-новый квест "Правосудие"
-новый квестовый предмет "Молот правосудия"
-ребалансированы солдаты гвардии задания "Эшелон"
-теперь выполненные задания в соответствующем меню отмечаются зеленым цветом, а проваленные - красным
-изменено описание выполненного задания Horn
-существенно переделана стартовая локация "Священный источник"
-исправлены баги способности "Врата Шангиса" героя Брут
-исправлен баг финального задания Архангела
-призванный дух способности "Врата Шангиса" героя Брут теперь имеет такие же статы как и герой
-увеличена базовая скорость передвижения героя Брут с 260 до 280
-исправлена работа пассивной способности призванного духа, героем Брут
-изменена иконка предмета "Щит увечья"
-исправлен баг с манипуляцией предметами при помощи иллюзий
-исправлено отображение времени перерождения для всех игроков
-ребалансированы священные источники
-новый портал между локациями "Дикие степи" и "Мертвый город"
-исправлен баг, когда босс Хранитель могил отдавал свои предметы
-исправлен текст при сдаче задания "Пламя Агинора"
-исправлен баг использования предмета "Сакральный дух" призванной сущностью героя Брут
-уменьшена кратность заряда способности Грейтфаир
-теперь запрещено носить несколько сфер максимального уровня
-полностью переделан предмет "Morgul Bash"
-новый сборный предмет "Костяной жнец"
-реализована первоначальная задумка арены босса Дикий (пока все вошедшие герои не погибнут или не победят босса - врата не откроются)
-увеличена стоимость продажи предмета "Morgul Bash"
-добавлена информация о предметах, которые нельзя дублировать
-ребалансирован босс Владыка Орин
-уменьшена стоимость предмета "Сердце гарпии" с 25000 до 16500
-усилен предмет "Чакра"
-исправлен требуемый уровень для предмета "Сердце дракона"
-исправлено описание предмета "Эликсир Варго"
-переделан босс Азерот и все его способности
-переделан босс Король Агинора, а также добавлены новые способности
-полностью изменена сборка и ингредиенты предмета "Владыка теней"
-исправлен баг, когда магазин Танйы мертвых перемещался
-исправлен баг сочетания предметов Хардстил и Кровосток
-новый мод для одиночной игры (подробности в карте)
-новый альтернативный способ получения синей руны
-убран водоворот, вызывающий лаги при длительной игре в локации Обитель Наг
-охотник теперь добавляет предмет после второго этапа здания, а также дает сразу второе задание после выполнения 1-го (раньше был интервал времени)
-переделан босс Тарантул
-переименованы некоторые нейтральные крипы
-полностью переделан предмет "Торнадо"
-уменьшена стоимость предмета "змеиный амулет"
-усилен предмет "Оковы стремительности", а также уменьшена стоимость
-уменьшен размер модели героя Nemesis, а также уменьшена скорость передвижения
-добавлено около 10 различных предметов
-новый квест "Тайный убийца"
-новый квест "Реквизит для перевода"
-добавлен новый квествый босс
-новая модель финального босса
-новые способности финального босса
-полностью переделана базовая способность героя Астра
-добавлен Фаталити для героя Астра
-добавлен Фаталити для героя ТОР
-исправлены горячие клавиши героя Грейтфаир
-исправлен баг, когда предмет Фаталити увеличивал физический урон и скорость передвижения
-исправлено описание длительности ультимативной способности героя Астра
-исправлен требуемый уровень предмета Amun
-исправлен требуемый уровень предмета Метрид
-исправлен требуемый уровень предмета Завет старейшин
-изменено месторасположение "Проклятых душ"
-новый герой Пилигрим
-переделан предмет Diabolic
-переделан предмет Satanic
-новый квест "Следуй за кроликом"

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Character Clash 1.5

Map Character Clash v 1.5.w3x by Q

Character Clash 1.5 Changelog:

• Fixed a bug when destroying Gold Boxes
• Gold Box can now attack with 85 damage
• Gold Box HP reduced from 7000 to 4000
• Hero Level limit increased from 25 to 30
• All hero's skill level increased by +1
• Mana regen bonus per intelligence decreased from 0.04 to 0.03
• Entire map will not be shown anymore when your flag is taken
• Creeps now spawns faster
• Buu's Vice Shout casting time reduced from 2 to 1.5
• Accelerator's Black Wings casting time reduced from 1.5 to 1
• Arcueid's agility increased from 15+2 to 19+2
• Changed back Natsu's third skill
• Fixed a bug in Natsu's Karyuu no Tekken
• BOSS is not spell immuned anymore, but has 50% spell resistance
• Fixed a bug in Alucard's damage
• Fixed a bug in Fate's Trident Smasher
• Charlotte can now stop using Evasive Maneuver by pressing 'S'
• A team automatically wins when all their enemies left the game
• Boss will now spawn 7 minutes after he dies
• Mu•12's Ikutachi Blade cooldown reduced from 16 to 10
• Gold Boxes can now detect invisible units
• Scout Towers cannot detect invisible units anymore
• Natsu's Guren Bakuenjin cooldown reduced from 45 to 25
• Louise's Explosion damage reduced
• Fixed Fate's Thunder Rage damage bug
• King cannot capture the flag anymore
• Fixed Kikyo's Arrow of Sealing range bug
• Fixed a bug when channeling Kikyo's Sacred Arrow
• Tsurara's victims of her ultimate will not wake up from cleaving damage anymore
• Fixed a bug where Tsurara's Yukigesho gives line of sight
• Esdeath's Sadist will not work on bosses anymore
• Removed indicator when an ally is being attacked


• Changed Ogre Axe's bash to damage only
• Changed Mana Shoes to Mana Gloves
• Increased Mana Gloves mana regain from 10% to 15%
• Mana Gloves cooldown reduced from 40 to 30
• Force Boots cooldown increased from 20 to 25
• Necronomicon recipe cost increased from 40000 to 42500
• Apocalypse Blade cleave reduced from 45% to 30%
• Fixed bugs on Grim Reaper's Scythe
• Adamanitum Armor block chance decreased from 75% to 50%
• Healing Staff heal increased from 10% max HP to 25% max HP
• Adamantium Armor HP bonus decreased from 1500 to 1250
• Diamond and Adamantium stat bonus decreased
• Crusader Armor now has +10 stat bonus
• Decaying Heart duration decreased from 8 to 5

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July 13, 2015

Custom Hero Survival v3.3.0

Map Custom Hero Survival v3.3.0 by Doctorreza
- All spells and gameplay perfectly rebalanced. Many brand new spells added. Lots of bug fixes.
- Map size greatly reduced
- Whole new Items with amazing capabilities added

Category: Hero Defense
Tileset: Dalaran
Dimensions: 128x128
Playable Area: 114x94
Recommended Players: 1-12
Size: 912.1 KB

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Lordaeron the aftermath 1.33 - LORDAERON: TA v1.33

Map LORDAERON: TA v1.33.w3x by Marshmalo SvnmS
This map centers on the conflicts across Northern and Southern Lordaeron during the events of the Frozen Throne Campaign to WoW Cataclysm. Players control one of many factions and must lead their organisation to domination or defeat. Each faction has many events that can be triggered to progress the individual story lines throughout the map.
I will keep this list updated.

Category: Melee
Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
Dimensions: 384x448
Playable Area: 380x440
Recommended Players: Strategy Map
Size: 7878.4 KB
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Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.0b

Map Naruto Ninpou Storm MN 4.0b - NinpouStormMN4.0b.w3x by Fire_Arkangel

- Shikamaru fixed
- Fixed ultimate weapon recipe
- Fixed repick issues (example: always picking Haku)

- Fire Kusanagi improved (now deals 500 + 2.0 X Str instead of just 500 and critical chance was increased from 10% to 20%), and now affect buildings
- Sanbi armor now has an active skill that makes the caster immune to negative buffs during 3 seconds
- ANBU mask now has an active skill that halve genjutsu and ninjutsu from the target for 5s
- Body Swap doesn't proc mirror anymore, but now doesn't cancel the caster spells
- Fixed damage of Senbons dance
- All elemental kunais weapons' taijutsu bonus reduced by 20 (legendary not affected)
- Now you can upgrade Life and Chakra stone up to level 4
___+Level 1: 500 HP/500 MP. Cost: 800/400
___+Level 2: 1000 HP/1000 MP. Recipe Cost: 2700
___+Level 3: 1500 HP/2000 MP. Recipe Cost: 2700
___+Level 4: 2000 HP/4000 MP. Recipe Cost: 2700
- New utilitary item: Gunbai (Ignore the first damage you receive in 5 seconds after activation). Price: 3000. Cooldown: 40s.

Heroes balance:
- Asuma: Decreased damage of Hien
- Temari E bug fixed, increases proc of her passive
- Ohnoki W back to old style
- Tsunade: skills now has additional effects when on Byakugou, change W to a target skill
- Sakura: Decreased cooldown of semi from 50s to 30s, change W to a target skill
- Darui: Casting time reduced, but range of semi also reduced
- Rock Lee: Eight gates doesn't kill him anymore. Instead, it drops 90% of his HP.
- Chouji: Reduced damage, Butterfly mode now is a passive ability
- Jiraiya: Reduced damage of semi and taijutsu bonus from his T from 70 to 50
- Orochimaru: W back to Rashomon
- Itachi: Bushin damage increased from Int X Lvl X 0.7 to Int X Lvl
- A: Spells now deal additional damage when on Raiton Armor Mode
- Muu: semi now deals chaos damage
- Haku: W back to 1.3 style

New features:
- New Naruto Six-Tails Mode and Sasuke Taka skills
- New hero: Raiga
- New hero: Granny Chiyo

New heroes passives/starting abilities:
- Kakuzu:
[Jiongu]: Each time you kill a hero you recover 10% of your HP
- Sakura:
[Chakra Enhanced Strength]: Increase your damage by 30% during 15 seconds. Cooldown: 60
- Shikamaru:
[Kibaku Fuda]: Plant a Kibaku Fuda on a location that serves as a ward. Last 180 seconds. Cooldown: 60
- Asuma:
[Chakra Blades]: Increase your speed by 25 during 10 seconds. Cooldown: 60
- Tsunade:
[Chakra Transfer Technique]: Transfer 2% of your chakra to the target per second.
- Ino:
[Mind Distraction Jutsu]: The first spell the target cast is cancelled. Last 5 seconds. Cooldown: 60
- Hinata/Neji:
[Byakugan]: See invisible and bunshin units
- A:
[Shunshin no Jutsu]: Teleport to the nearest enemy within 400 radius. Cooldown: 30
- Tobirama:
[Edo Tensei Kibaku Fuda]: Destroy all Edo Tensei units in the map, making them explode and deal 1 X Genjutsu damage each one.
- Hashirama:
[Healing Power]: Increase life regeneration and movement speed of nearby allies.
- Suigetsu:
[Hidrification Technique]: There is 5% chance to avoid a damage.
- Haku:
[Frozen Attack]: Normal attacks slow enemies by 1s.
- Gengetsu:
[Mirage Genjutsu]: Passively create a mirage of yourself each 20s. The mirage lasts 5s.
- Mu:
[Fission Technique]: Create a perfect clone of yourself. The clone doesn't cast spells, but takes the same amount of damage. Last 10 seconds. Cooldown: 30s
- Killer Bee:
[Samehada Sword]: Each attack drains 50 chakra
- Kisame:
[Unleash Samehada Sword]: Each attack has a chance to deal critical damage. Last 10 seconds. Cooldown: 60
- Orochimaru:
[Sickle Neck]: Grabs a enemy
- Temari:
[Evasion]: Has a chance to avoid a ranged attack
- Zabuza:
[Critical Strike]: Normal attack has a chance to deal critical damage
- Sai:
[Assassin's Mark]: Mark a target enemy, giving vision of him during 30s. Cooldown: 180

Download: NinpouStormMN4.0b.w3x
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July 12, 2015

Villians of Warcraft v11a.w3x

Map Villains of Warcraft v11a by Maximum_Evil
Safe Azeroth from the villains of Warcraft!

- Pick a hero and play in multiple wings with each a different theme.
- Kill famous Warcraft villains by yourself or with your friends.
- Complete many achievements and challenges.

Category: Role Playing (RPG)
Tileset: Ashenvale
Dimensions: 256x224
Playable Area: 256x224
Recommended Players: 1 - 4
Size: 5543.5 KB

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July 09, 2015

Final Fantasy Epic RPG

Map Final Fantasy Epic RPG - FFERPG by ILYAS

Long before Noah built his ark, there were tales of an ancient land named Gaya, which is a world where swords and sorcery reigned. Its learning and power were swept away when the Crystal was destroyed, but one clue to its secrets remained: an ancient book known as the Gran Grimoire, hidden in darkness by the powers that once were. It is not certain how many copies of the book still exist, but it is said that whoever should hold one holds the power to change the world.

Changelog Version 0.9.4
- Save system updated; dynamic code length, save code can now be saved in a local file
- Normal saving should be working again.
- All job skills have been reworked
- A mercenary can now be hired to help you
- New Job: Freelancer
- Masteries no longer affect all jobs
- Script and dialogues have been reworked
- New items and equipment
- Rebalancing across all jobs and enemy superbosses

Changelog Version
- Fixed save system issues. -loadf now works in multiplayer.
- Fixed quest xp in multiplayer.
- Fixed some bugs that caused game crashes as well as some minor exploits.
- Some rebalancing.

Save system
The new save commands, "-savef" and "-loadf" can be used to save and load codes directly from files. However in order to use them a few requirements need to be fulfilled.
For "-savef", make sure that Warcraft III has rights to write files. On the usual modern Windows versions, simply running Warcraft III as Administrator should be enough. If you forget to do that the code will not be able to save to a file, so make sure you double-check whether or not the file has actually been created! If it hasn't, you can still either use regular Warcraft III saving, or use the old fashioned way of writing the code down yourself.
As for "-loadf", first off it only works in single player, since unfortunately, it would cause an instant desync in multiplayer. To get it to work in singleplayer, you need to activate something called 'Allow Local Files'.

This .reg file will activate local files for you just by running it.
(Direct Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vxhch11q5mw96be/AllowLocalFiles.zip?dl=1)
If you'd rather do it manually, here are some quick instructions:

Download: FFERPG
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League of War3 v3.94d6.w3x

Map League of War3 v3.94d6 by BTV2 (VietNam)
Language map: Vietnamese
Category: Hero Defense
Tileset: Cityscape
Dimensions: 128x128
Playable Area: 96x96
Recommended Players: 5vs5
Size: 3201.4 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about League of War3 v3.94d6. latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!
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July 08, 2015

Vo Lam Tam Quoc v6.1

Map Vo Lam Tam Quoc 6.2V - (9)Vo Lam Tam Quoc 6.2V@.w3x by Macheoo (VietNam)
Update: 16/7/2015.

  • Category: Hero Arena
  • Tileset: Icecrown Glacier
  • Dimensions: 192x192
  • Playable Area: 180x180
  • Recommended Players:3vs3vs3
  • Size: 8099.7 KB

Download: (9)Vo Lam Tam Quoc 6.2V@.w3x

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Vo Lam Tam Quoc 6.2V latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!
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July 06, 2015

Dota 6.84a beta 7 download

Map DotA v6.84a AllStars B7.w3x by IceFrog
Choose from 112 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients.
  • Fixed Stasis trap attacking enemies
  • Meepo, Lone Druid and Chen no longer lose control when aggroed
  • Fixed few tooltips
Category: Hero Defense
Tileset: Felwood
Dimensions: 128x128
Playable Area: 118x118
Recommended Players: 10
Size: 7601.1 KB
Download: DotA v6.84a Allstars B7

Source: Dota 6.84a beta 7
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July 05, 2015

Anime Grand Battle 1.0c

Map Anime Grand Battle V1.0c.w3x by [D]eva Released now
Aos 3 way 20 Hero

Anime Grand Battle 1.0c Change log [ENG/TH]
- Fix bug [Q] - Izayoi , Kizaru
- Fix Balance Damage [W] STR , AGI x 1-6 , INT x 2-7
- Fix Balance Damage [R] and [T]
- [R] - (x8-10) + 200[STR] , +250[AGI] , +300[INT]
- [T] - (x12) +300[STR] , +300[AGI] , +400[INT]
- [F] - x10 all hero , but shanks haki x7 same old version.
- Add New skill jellal [F] - Sema(Re-SFX) , [G] - Solid Seal
and Upgrade(Increase Damage) Grand Chariot (Require Solid Seal)

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 192x192
Playable Area: 192x192
Recommended Players:Anime Fans
Size: 7969.4 KB

Download: Anime Grand Battle v1.0c

Source: http://www.game2f.com/2015/07/anime-grand-battle-1-3c/
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July 04, 2015

Anime Grand Battle 1.0b

Map Anime Grand Battle V1.0b.w3x by [D]eva Released now
Aos 3 way 20 Hero

Anime Grand Battle 1.0b Change log [ENG/TH]
- Fix bug Stun all hero Abilities [R]
- แก้บัคสตันสกิล 4 ทุกฮีโร่
- Fix Cast Range [W] Mukuro 600 >> 500 and Lock 2 sec >> 0.5 sec
- แก้ระยะใช้สกิล2มุคุโร่จาก 600 เหลือ 500 และลดเวลาล้อคจาก 2 เหลือ 0.5
- Fix Touma [E] Imagone Breaker Cooldown 80 >> 90 All level and duration 1.5-9 >> 1-6
- เพิ่มคูดาวสกิล 3 โทมะจาก 80เป็น90 และลดระยะเวลาบัฟจาก 1.5-9วิ เหลือ 1-6วิ
- Fix Bug damage skill 1 Gon , Zeref , Izayoi
- แก้บัคดาเมจสกิล 1 กอน,เซเรฟ,อิซาโยอิ เวลาใช้ไกล้ๆจะแรง
- Add stun Laxus [W] 1.5 sec.
- เพิ่มสตันสกิล 2 ลัคซัส
- Fix Bug not respawn when die in tournament time
- แก้บัคไม่เกิดเวลาตายตอนทัวนาเม้นเริ่ม
- Fix Bug [R] Noire can't move/unpause when use.
- แก้บัคโนวาลสกิล 4 บางครั้งใช้แล้วจะมูฟไม่หยุด
Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Sunken Ruins
Dimensions: 192x192
Playable Area: 192x192
Recommended Players:Anime Fans
Size: 7969.4 KB

Download: Anime Grand Battle v1.0b

Source: http://www.game2f.com/2015/07/anime-grand-battle-v1-0b/
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Legen Of The Dragon v1995

Map Legen Of The Dragon v1995.w3x - by Pe Uyen (VietNam)

Category: Other
Tileset: Northrend
Dimensions: 192x160
Playable Area: 191x160
Recommended Players: 4v4, 5v5 or 6v6
Size: 3865.3 KB

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Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.20b.w3x

Map Azeroth Wars Genesis 1.20b by Archi, Hanni, & Sukramo

Retterained a third of Stranglethorn.

Put the Call Naga ability on the event building rather than on Illidan. Expect this for Kaels events too in the future.

New audio for Arthas going to Northrend.


Nerfed Galen starting STR by 5

Jaina now only needs to be level 6 to get Kul'Tiras, down from 8.

Jaina now also gains one extra level from that event

Removed 1 Cannon Tower from Duskwood.

Orgrimmar hp down to 3000, from 5000.

Hellfire Citadel hp and attack buffed.

River boats now scale with naval upgrades instead of normal ones.

Ancients of War now train all basic LB units.


Fixed a bug where LB would not get Maiev on Illidan defection.

Removed 2 trees in Stormwind to prevent massive amounts of units teleporting in getting stuck. (Thanks IceThundraWolves)

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July 03, 2015

Pokemon Arena v1.7

Map Pokemon Arena v1.7.w3x released 07/2015

This versin fix bug 1.6 - Add 2 new heroes pokemon

Category: Hero Arena
Tileset: Dalaran
Dimensions: 160x160
Playable Area: 160x160
Recommended Players: Any
Size: 7991.9 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about  Pokemon Arena v1.7  latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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July 02, 2015

Infinity v1.18b.w3x

Map Infinity v1.18b.w3x by dhguardianes (Update July/02/2015)

Minor bug fixes.
Added new items Pandora.
Added new Hero Archmage and Demon Hunter.
Added new Rain Effect.
Changed some model of creep.
Some small buffs to all classes.
Improved Imagine Broads.
Improved graphics(terrain) to bring a better experience.
Improved Render Graphic some effect to 40FPS(smoothness).
Choose wisely 1 out of 4 unique heroes to join the legendary battle arena.

Map Info:

Having great experience with the most battling gameplay ever in Infinity the Battle Core

The legendary Infinity wc3 map now has comeback to our game Warcraft! Get ready to be addicted to the Clash of Eternity

War of destiny between the best heroes who come from every corner of the world. They can be a archer, a mage or even an assassin, fighting against each other to become the last one who can stand on the peak of Onyex, a legendary forest, hiding the most greatest power that god has sealed

- FFA mode

With the your honor and pride, alone, you will have to survive in the Onyex Forest by killing each other, winning this dead or alive fight to be the almighty one

- Team mode

With the helps of ur allies, toghether, you will go on a mythical adventure in the Onyex Forest, battling with frightening monsters, courageous warriors and terrifying enemies.

- Items craft

In your hand with the recipes of many almighty weapons, build your ultimate items so no one can stand against you.

- Fighting Style

With the outstanding playstyle and awesome fighting animations combined with amazing visual effects, Infinity definitely make you more satisfied when killing your enemies

- Wonderful Graphics

Inspite of the old wc3 engine, Infinity surpass that limit to bring you the most satisfying graphic that no other maps can compare. Every perfect details will take you to the most amazing adventure you can have in Warcraft

- Gameplay

Select one from 4 unique heroes to join with you in the battle, then choose 4 out of 12 exclusive abilities to form your strength to fight your enemies.
The possible combinations can go up to 81.

- Systems

+ Fountain Runes
Every 90 second, one of 5 unique runes will appear right in the center of the map, bringing you the greatest power to fight against the enemies

+ High Brush
You can make a great use of these high brushes to hide or ambush the enemies, intensifying the map

+ Anti Hackmap
No one can cheat while playing Infinity, that is ensured. With this system, everyone who uses any map-hacking software will be auto-kicked from the game

+ AI
Computer bots can be your enemy, with the extraordinary calculation, they can skillshot you with 86% accuracy

+ SmartAttackAPI
Melee Heroes now can auto aim the nearby target, making your attack more easier

+ Imagine Broads
Now you can have amazing killing banner like dota2

+ MyDirectionAPI
You can always know where your hero is, with the smart direction

+ VibrateCamAPI
Shaking and Vibrating Camera, bring you the greatest visual effects

+ HeroStepAPI
You can hear the footsteps of each hero, like u're playing CS:GO

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