December 31, 2015

Warcraft Europe v65

Map Warcraft Europe V65.w3x Created by Matthew Meyer

  • First Feature: New Custom Blood Elf Race!!!
  • Custom Human Units: Dragon Knight, Dragon Wizard, Dragon Tank, Dragon Phoenix.
  • Custom Orc Units: Ogre Mauler, Ogre Magi, Red Drake.
  • Custom Undead Units: Fel Spitter, Obsidian Guard, Succubus, Nether Whelp.
  • Custom Night Elf Units: Satyr Shadowdancer, Satyr Soulstealer, Harpy Rouge.
  • Custom Heroes: Pandaren Brewmaster, Beastmaster, Pit Lord, Dark Ranger, Naga Sea Witch, Tinker, and Alchemist.
Some else stuff about map:
The mythology of Warcraft 3 is partially based on medieval Europe so I thought what could be a better idea for a custom map than a Europe map!

Author's notes: Take advantage of the custom units, they are expensive but powerful.

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Naruto world RPG 2.88Qff - Nrpg 2.88Qff.w3x

Map Naruto RPG v2.88Qff - Nrpg 2 88Qff.w3x download by D3.Venmade

Map Created by Russian member
Language map: Russian

If you see that does not have a fix for the bug cheyndzhloke or anything like that you offered \ said do not be lazy to write in this topic again, I can not remember all

All screens that you see have been improved on profiksheny options scenery but remained roughly like on screen

Category: Role Playing (RPG)
Tileset: Cityscape
Dimensions: 288x288
Playable Area: 251x275
Recommended Players: 1-8
Size: 7579.7 KB
Submitted: 31 Dec 2015

Download:  Naruto world RPG v2.88Qff - Nrpg 2.88qff.w3x

Completion:  100% 
Date of the full version:  31.12.2015 .
Status:  Ready, a link at the bottom of the post.

  • Corrections: \ Update: \ Common:
1.  Replacing and updating definitions \ card replacement icons. 2.  Fixed a rare bug with " money-changers " that allowed naklikivat resources. 3. Game Camera: There were  corrected  game  camera  in terms of falling when switching. -  Also those who complained to the  problem of gaming Kemer  on the screens  3: 4  this problem is  corrected. - All cameras are raised with an angle indicator on top  (it was too oblique to the bottom) 4. Quests Leaf Village: Many quests are now  given  to from  100 to 300 experience less  for the fulfillment And also  10-15% less gold 5. The quest "The Hermit"  now gives an  500  experience less. 6. And minor amendments


  • Scenery: \ Bosses: \ Drop \ Enemies:
1. Boss "Itachi"
Fully  Fixed bug  with  clones . The level of  battle  №3  "appearance of clones" redesigned: Now will appear in succession  4 clone (instead of the crowd)  2.  A little  refined  decorations in raene  "Underground" 3. Ruler Boss  will now receive a buff attack speed for  17%  of their lives instead of 10. 4. And minor amendments

  • Items:
1. Mushrooms:
now less visible.  Reduce the size.
All kinds of fungi have been reworked, whatever their character remained stranded at least  one stat  in vyigrasha.
- Now you can sell. 2. And minor amendments.

  1. Heroes:
  • Temujin:
- Skills  at levels  1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7  have been slightly altered.  (Bonuses on level 1 and 2 are reduced)
- Fixed model
Skill R: 
Now  recharge 30 + 10  seconds. . for ur  (was chaotic from 25 to 115)
is now casting range equal to its range.
Mann's cost is changed in the reverse order is less than at the beginning and more at the end than in the past.
Skill Q:
Completely  remodeled  . New definitions added  more precise  information  about the ability. Now,  the damage  from the ability to be  applied to the attacks  Temudgin. (there were complaints that Temujin not work  Orb effects , the ability to report Q is not to interrupt  the Orb -ffektom now it's added to its description)


  • Gaara:
Skill R: 
Fixed  description and recharging  ability  (it was messy but now = 50 - 1 sec for ur less than before..)
Now cast range = ability of its range.
The end of the projectile explosion  is reduced  to the size of the animation from  300 to 200 - Skill Q:

Fixed description.
The mill  is now  1.1 + 0.1  for ur.  (It was 1.4 + 1)
Cooldown  is now  20.5 + 0.5  for ur.  (It was chaotic 17 to 26)
- Skill E:
Fixed description.
Fixed deflection damage on the last two levels.
  • Anko:
- Skill Q:
Now cast range = ability of its range.
The end of the projectile explosion  is reduced  to the size of the animation from  300 to 200 - Skill R:

Now, at the last level  is called  7 snakes  (was 6) 
Corrected  description of  the snakes and the most ability.
Time  Life milestones  snakes  at all levels  increased  to  2 seconds .
It removed  one  of the 4  critical  damage on the last level.
Snakes options:
 of living  snakes  are now  5 +0.5 units. per eq.  eventually from 5 to 8  (1 + 1 was for ur. eventually with  1 to 7
Damage -2 and -1  units.  On  the first  level,  +1 and +2 units. at the last  level.
Protection  is now  3 + 3 units . for ur.  (there were 3 or 4 + 2 "chaotic)
  • Sinamoru:
Max  running speed is now  = 518 units.
Talents 1 = 
ext. stats after casting reduced from  10 to 8, and their time is from 15 to 10,  mana cost is now  125  (was 100),  the region is now getting  50 units.  (there were 77)
Talent 2 =  ext. stats after casting reduced from  17 to 14, and their time is from 15 to 11,  mana cost is now  150  (was 120),  the region is now getting  60 units.  (there were 77)
Fixed character animations they now =  130% of the original  (it has no effect on the balance sheet)
- Skill W:
The flight speed of the projectile changed from 175 to 185.
Time + to stats reduced at all levels, from 0 to -3 seconds.
Mann cost greatly increased since 2 level.
- Skill E:
Critical damage and mastered, and changed to  1.51 + 0.07h for ur. 2x damage as a result  (it was 1.99)
The chance to crit is now  10.2 + 0.4% as a result of 13.5%  (it was 9.25 - 12.9)
- Skill Q:
Chance to trigger the skill is now  10 + 0.35% for ur. as a result of 13.5%  (it was 8.3 + 0.50% as a result of 12.3%)
Area of Effect damage are now  190 and 270.  (There were 200 and 275)
- Skill R:
Time + to stats reduced at all levels between 0 -4 sec.
Mann cost greatly increased since 2 level.
  • Temari:
- Range attack  hero changed  from  380 to 400
Now he works on allies
- Skill Q:
of application the ability to change  from 415 to 450
- Skill W:

Now cast range = ability of its range.
- Skill E:
The duration of the camp Hero  at all levels is now  0.37 seconds  (it was from 0.34 to 3.37)  and for the mobs of  0.55 + 0.1  for ur . (was 0.50 + 0.1)
- Skill R:
of application the ability to change  from 460 to 450
Mann's cost is now reduced  to 200 + 75. for ur.  (it was 222 + 86)
  • Kankuro:
- Skill R:
Now cast range = ability of its range.
Mann's cost is now changed  85  + 85 units. for ur.  (it was 100 + 90)
Less protection is now a = -10, -14, -18, -22 and -26 units.  (It was 10 - 29)
Duration sec -1. and recharging -1 sec. slightly changed
- Skill E:
Now,  additionally  for each ability level character will get  one to the mind and dexterity .
Added more accurate and more descriptions
  • Neji and Hinata:
- And mastered animation attacks for models
- Ranging viewing  day and night are now =  5000 units.  (In ordinary heroes of 3500)
- Starting  agility Neji  increased by  3 units.
- Initial s Protecting  these characters are now =  3 units.  (Was 1)
X INAT  Skill E:  Mills on the capacity  reduced from 0.68  to  0.65
  • Rock Lee:
- Can no longer eat mushrooms - Skill E: Critical
 damage  decreased  3.65 + 0.35h 6.8h in the end  (it was 3.65 + 6.89 3.36h in the end) 
  • Shino:
- Ranging viewing  day and night are now =  3000 units.  (It was 2000)
- Fixed many descriptions of the hero.
- Skill Q:
Now cast range = ability of its range.
The end of the projectile explosion  is reduced  to the size of the animation from  300 to 200 - Skill R: Duration
 is now  19 sec.  At all levels  (there were 18)
Cooldown  is now  55 seconds -1. for ur.  as a result of 49 seconds  (it was 57.5 -1.15 50.7 in the end)
  • Karina:
Max.  Running speed is now  = 490  (was 495)
- Skill W:
 is now  13 seconds.  At all levels  (there were 9 - 17.5)
Also the ability for the first three seconds. will slow down the rate of attack of the enemy and run 15% on all ur.  (there were 8 - 56% on a random time from 1 to 11 seconds.)
Added and corrected description,  Mann  cost increased on  all  ur., Cast range is now 300  (was 365)
- Skill R:
Mann cost
 is now  30 + 20  for eq.  (8 + 8 used for ur.)
Now,  the treatment interval  at all levels  = 0.25  sec.  (It was 0.29 - 0.01 for ur result in 0.26.)
  • Sakon:
- Skill R:
 Teper  35 + 2  . Sec  (was 33 + 2)
Mann's cost  is now  190 + 50  units.  (It was 190 + 45)
- Skill Q:
Now take the life of  0.6  seconds  (for it was 0.7)  (now Sakon can be treated from the side of the Allies or its clone)
Now he works on allies
  • Mangetsu:
- Skill R:
at all levels are now  35 sec.  On all ur (It was 35 + 1 for ur.) 
- Skill W: 
Fixed animation
- Skill Q:
Fixed damage by  4  ur (Was written below) 
Added + 10 physical  damage on the ground with a blow ur., As well.  of the first and  five  in the rest of the levels of damage.
  • Haku:
- Skill Q: 
 a new  ability to  "Ice Needles"
Description:  Haku creates ice needles and sends them to your enemy first round deals  425  damage.  Mag.  Damage and  stun the target for  0.25  seconds, and the second.  1.7x nat.  Damage dexterity.
- Skill W:
Replaced with the name and description of the corrected
Cooldown  is now  15 + 1 sec.  For ur. in  a total of 24  seconds.  (was 9 + 2 sec. in a toga 26)
Now, the ability to cast range = range attack a hero.

- Skill R:
The first 6-8 attacks will now do  1.35h  damage  (was 1.4x)  and every third blow after these 6-8 will be applied for  0.75h damage  (was 1x)
- Skill E:
Critical damage decreased from  2.6x  to  2.5x
  • Kimmimaru:
Fixed numerous bugs with model
- Skill Q:
 is now  12 + 1  sec. for ur. finally  24  (9 + 1-3 was ultimately 26) .
  • Dosu:
- Skill Q:
Minus regen per second chakra
 opponents now from  -5 ± 2  units. for ur. as a result of  -25  . meals  (was -3 + -1.5, the result -16)
- Skill W:
Now cast range = ability of its range.
The end of the projectile explosion  is reduced  to the size of the animation from  300 to 200
Cooldown reduced to  1  sec at all ur .  (eventually 24)

  • Kidoumaru:
Fixed getting talent Number 3.
  • Kabuto:
- Skill Q:
The damage
 from the ability now  55 + 55  units.  (It was 50 + 50)
Now cast range = ability to attack range hero.
- Skill R:
The damage
 from the ability now  130 + 130  units. finally  780  (was 100, 205, 315, 425, 650, 755)
  • Shikamaru:
- Skill E:
 damage  decreased  to  2.29 + 0.14h  finally  3.55  (was 2.30 + 0.15h finally 3.85) - Skill W: Cooldown 

is now  12.65 + 0.65  seconds. finally  5.13  (9 + was 1 sec. eventually 13)
  • Sakura:
- Skill R:
Damage of this ability is now  205 + 165  units.  (+ 185 was an average of 150 "randomly)
Now cast range = ability to attack range hero.
Mann cost increased from  130 + 50  to  150 + 65 .
Added special effects.
Garbage Mechanics was slightly modified.
  • Sasuke:
- Skill W:
 from Agility Now  0.53h  all ur.  (It was the wrong description of 0.49h to 0.52h)
Garbage Mechanics was slightly modified.
Now cast range = ability to attack range hero.
  • Naruto:
- Skill Q and R:
Now cast range = ability to attack range hero.

Fixed a bug when Rasengan could be ispolzivan projectile came slip as a result of certain skills.
  • Hayate:
Fixed attack range
StatsDexterity + 2 pcs .,  Agility  for ur.  + 0.25 units.  (Erroneously removed 2 versions ago)
- Skill E:
Completely  redesigned  and repaired .

+ F fix Yad Karin.

Download:  Naruto world RPG v2.88Qff - Nrpg 2.88qff.w3x
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Zombie Attack 1.3

Map Zombie Attack v1.3.w3x by ade206
No Map Description Available

Category: Tower Defense (Cooperative)
Tileset: Ashenvale
Dimensions: 96x96
Playable Area: 96x96
Recommended Players: 5+
Size: 5707.7 KB

Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Zombie Attack (v1.3) latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

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Zombie Defense Custom 6.1 Final

Map Zombie Defense Custom v6.1 Final.w3x download by Lions_Blood

This map released at January/01/2016
25 waves of non stop carnage!
-Hero Selection of 16 Heros!
-275+ Skins/models & a Beer Drinking System... So you can get drunk!
-Voted Best Custom Zombie Map Ever Made!
===Video Options in WC3 Must all be on High to Play===
Category: Other
Tileset: Cityscape
Dimensions: 160x192
Playable Area: 149x156
Recommended Players: A Full Team of 8
Size: 8133.7 KB

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The Memories Version 2.4

Map The Memories Version v2.4.w3x by NightxHunt3r (Update December/31/2015)

This map is About a Mato & Rin Story
Create The Memories Map by NightxHunt3r
Version - 1.0 > 2.3

Category: Campaign
Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
Dimensions: 256x256
Playable Area: 244x248
Recommended Players: 7 Players
Size: 8089 KB
Submitted: 31 Dec 2015
Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about The Memories Version 2.4 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

Download: The Memories v2.4.w3x
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December 30, 2015

Farmer vs. Hunter S2 0.14

Map Farmer vs. Hunter S2! 0.14 - FarmerVsHunterR-Season2 0.14.w3x by LectureKillu520 and 1huiliang

Farmer vs. Hunter returns in a new season 2, with a super new version coming out! Yes...... This is still Beta version but it is newer than old version!
Category: Other
Tileset: Lordaeron Summer
Dimensions: 128x160
Playable Area: 116x142
Recommended Players: 7-10
Size: 1452.4 KB

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Titan Land - KoT RP v1.911

Map Titan Land - KoT RP V1.911 - Titan Land KoT V1.911 Prot.w3x created by King_Katanova

Titan Land set in the "Kingdoms of Terfall" lore
KoT = Kingdoms of Terfall

Category: Role Playing (RPG)
Tileset: Cityscape
Dimensions: 256x256
Playable Area: 256x255
Recommended Players: Roleplayers
Size: 8143 KB
Is there anything else you would like to add? especially information about Titan Land - KoT RP v1.911 latest details and features update. You can share by comment below. Thank you for visiting and see you soon, enjoy!

Download: Titan Land KoT V1.911 Prot.w3x
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UMW Ancient Glacier (8) 1.4.w3x

Map UMW Ancient Glacier (8) 1.4.w3x Created by Herohatcher

Herohatcher presents:
Unmodern Warfare is a fast-action strategy modification, select one of four factions and battle other players or bots. It is an important part of the game to gain experience from kills, killstreaks and production to skill active and passive abillitys for your army. Each faction has it's own abillitys, buildings and units.

What makes Unmodern Warfare a special map and worth it to try ?
For me, it seems like a mix between Starcraft and Warcraft III. Factions are designed with heart and brain and the required micromanagement is somewhere in between the both mentioned above.
In addition killstreaks and special weapons give it an individual taste a la C&C.

Category: Altered Meele
Average Game Time: 20min
Minimum Players: 1+

Download: UMW Ancient Glacier (8) 1.4.w3x
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December 29, 2015

Dota 6.86c patch notes released

This time around plenty of heroes gets to feel how the business end of the nerfstick feels like, with Invoker taking maybe the biggest hit with the nerf to his Alacrity in the early game. Another major nerf is the huge increase of CD on Walrus Punch. On level 6 Tusk players now have to wait 36 seconds, instead of the old 20 seconds, before he can get into another barfight.

The biggest buffs in this patch all comes to the heroes who were re-worked in the original 6.86. It seems like IceFrog wasn't too happy with the changes made and he'll keep on buffing these heroes until they're balanced/useful once again.

Valve did not waste any time since the release of the highly anticipated 6.86 update. In the newest balance patch, they continue the trend of buffing the new skills as well as nerfing the most popular picks of the current meta. The likes of Dazzle Dazzle and Tusk Tusk are continually being weakened, while Faceless VoidRiki and Death Prophetwelcome buffs to their spells.
Faceless Void Faceless Void
  • Time Walk cast range increased from 550 to 625
  • Faceless Void strength gain increased from 1.6 to 1.8
  • Time Dilation duration increased from 5.5/7/8.5/10 to 6/8/10/12
  • Time Dilation cooldown increased from 34/28/22/16 to 36/30/24/18
Riki Riki
  • Tricks of the Trade cooldown reduced from 70 to 40
  • Tricks of the Trade AoE increased from 475 to 500
  • Blink Strike cast range increased from 700 to 800
  • Blink Strike cast point reduced from 0.4 to 0.3
Death Prophet Death Prophet
  • Death Prophet base intelligence increased by 3
  • Spirit Siphon HP Drain increased from 1/1.8/2.6/3.4% to 1/2/3/4%
  • Spirit Siphon slow rescaled from 6/10/14/18% to 5/10/15/20%
  • Exorcism duration increased from 30 to 35 seconds
The new patch has already brought several changes among competitive players, with the likes of Invoker and Oracle appearing more frequently. The former became a really popular pick and was even played as a support in recent games, raising some concerns that the hero might be too strong. Valve decided to nerf Invoker’s early game, but in return made the hero stronger in the mid to late-game. This is not the first time that the company decides to re-think the powers of a hero instead of just brutally nerfing it.
Invoker Invoker
  • Alacrity damage/speed rescaled from 30/40/50/60/70/80/90 to 10/25/40/55/70/85/100
  • Invoker base strength reduced by 2

It is natural to see balancing patches come after an update with the magnitude of 6.86. In addition to the hero skills tweaks, the Radiant small camp was also shrinked. No additional heroes were enabled in Captains Mode with 6.86c, meaning that Arc Warden and Riki are still out of the pro scene. It remains to be seen when will Valve decide to include these heroes.
For the complete list of changes, please refer to the Dota 6.86c patch notes released
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