January 09, 2016

8 Heroes v3.85

Map 8 Heroes v3.85 Created by Tayyib ; Uploaded by: Avatars Lord

Map Info:

The last Base of the Kingdom is being attacked by their own allies. Someone is controlling them and you must find out who.
The Kingdom counts on the 8 heroes, don't fail!

  • 30 Heroes!
  • Hard Waves!
  • Arena:FFA Game
  • Arena:Team Game
  • Custom Spells!
  • Annoying Unit Levels!
Version 3.85
Banshee Casts Her Spell Faster
Some Mercenaries Are Cheaper
Fixed Some Bugs.

Author's notes:
This map made so much improvement so far.
Thank You Killera.
The Map is Protected

Download: 8 Heroes v3.85.w3x
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