January 04, 2016

Azeroth AWR 1.1.00

Map Azeroth AWR 1.1.00.w3x Created by Linkinblade

Map Info
The Grand Strategy Sandbox RPG of this game come from the fact that you spawn into this world with in a randomly selected location with no clue about your surrounding other than the layout.

You are immediately faced with the choice of picking your faction, which in turns gives you a ton of choices later on how you want the faction to play like. On your first play-through you may end up as the Mage-Empire of controlling the North Kingdoms or the you may end up as the Dwarven-Giant Vikings from the Land of the South Seas with different units available for you.
Now while you shit your pants thinking about the amount of failures you can do within the first minute of gameplay you should instead explore your surroundings and build your first base, if your lucky you may find a player nearby who wants you as their ally, or you could be unlucky to find a trio of pros ready to gank your sorry ass.

The game offer a semi-advance introduction, the will ask you if you need help and if you accept it will tell you over the time of the game the tips for the faction you picked. It will check what faction you took and only give advice on that faction.

The lands you will explore in this game is not the regular static zones you find in other games, the land actually affects your units in positive or negative ways. You enter a zone which is snowy and cold, this could mean that your soldiers freezes and have a lower movement speed than normal or you may enter a desert which due to lower amount of food and water makes your units regenerate health slower.
Not only that but you can capture Artifacts around the world that will positively effect you in some way, everything from the Water Temple which grants you sight of the island it is built upon, the surrounding waters and a movement speed buff to all units including naval ones if they are close enough. Or you may find the White Tower which grants your units with a strong mana regeneration aura which cowers 25% of the map. Some of these Wonders are tied together with events like the Iron Throne which requires you to capture certain objectives to open up its power, everything to summon a demi-Hero to your side to change the flow of the map by alternating the zones themselves.

Heroes are also a very important part of this map, they are the leaders of your custom faction and can make or break your strategy. All Heroes are carefully made with combos and fun in mind, if they aren't fluid they are to be removed or changed for the positive. In the future there will be videos to showcase the power of well used Heroes.

  • This game refer itself as a "Grand Strategy Sandbox RPG"
  • Custom and changeable factions, meaning you can play the same faction as your ally but have totally different units.
  • The game offers intrigue in the ways of open alliances.
  • Zones may affect the overall health of your units.
  • There are great artifacts that you can capture to help you dominate the other players.
  • Heroes are important, I have made effort to make them fun.
  • Custom Naval Warfare, it is very different from other warcraft maps.
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