January 10, 2016

Maze of Shortness v1.6

Map Maze of Shortness v1.6 Created by All_Time_Pro

Dodge numerous enemies while staying on the path in this fast-paced but addicting game as you attempt to get to the end of the maze. Challenge your friends or yourself because you come back from the dead each time you die at the latest checkpoint. This game features cool new powers for your hero including: Slow, Intangibility, and Increased Speed. Each ability gives you an "edge" as you race with your team to reach the ending. I hope you enjoy!

  • Added new models for the enemy patrolers.
  • Created new abilities for the maze runner.
  • Got rid of a lot of lag.
  • Fixed the ending video and the cheats.
  • Added some checkpoints and auto-revive.
Download: Maze of Shortness #1.6.w3x
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