January 20, 2016

Naruto Road to Ninja 0.7B

Author map: ItachiShippuden 
Maximum number of players: 8
Genre: Hero Arena:
Fashion: Kill mode - where the team is gaining a certain number of murders and Team mode - where the team plays Rounds:
Number of characters in the map: 18
Features: Custom choice of heroes, each the version I have something to change, add, now in the map is a combination of Naruto and Sasuke, then try to make more combinations.
AI: There
Bosses: No

List of changes / Changelog: 
* New hero Shisui
* New Music
* Fixed some bugs
* Some characters changed skills
* Added combos Naruto and Sasuke
* Attack all the characters changed from 5 to 3 PS Tk there is no possibility to check the map due to the lack of buttons Lan Garen, please fold bugs or nedorobotki in a personal or comments. Thank you

Download: NarutoRoadToNinja0.7B.w3x
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