January 17, 2016

Naruto world RPG 2.88p - Nrpg 2.88p.w3x

Map Naruto RPG v2.88p - Nrpg 2 88p.w3x download by D3.Venmade

Map Created by Russian member
Language map: Russian

If you see that does not have a fix for the bug cheyndzhloke or anything like that you offered \ said do not be lazy to write in this topic again, I can not remember all

All screens that you see have been improved on profiksheny options scenery but remained roughly like on screen

Category: Role Playing (RPG)
Tileset: Cityscape
Dimensions: 288x288
Playable Area: 251x275
Recommended Players: 1-8
Size: 7579.7 KB
Submitted: 31 Dec 2015

Download:  Naruto world RPG v2.88Qf - Nrpg 2.88qf.w3x


Completion:  100 %
Publication Date:  18.01 .2016
Status:  . Finish the link at the bottom of the post

version came out a little stripped-down,  even though  the changes in the times more than usual , but still out of the rush at the request of the server administrator  iCCcup  had to quickly do what he could and release as it is, because the next time  new thing  from this server will be  half a year.

and the big news for the guys from the server  iCCcup  you will install this version of the map  (currently lags iCCcup 4 full and 3 partial version)

  • Corrections: \ Update: \ Common:
1.  Fixed the descriptions of versions, and added a new icon. 2.  Added a new map pack models  (the total size of 32 CLB.) 3.  The  Plague Valley  fixed field character assassination. 4. Removed many bugs games with objects: Seth Rain, Seth mist, Seth Sand Street. Golden Bracers Dagger Shinobi, Seth Cloud Ring of the Akatsuki. 5.  Mithril: Replaced model. Now what  greater  Mithril  the  larger  and  richer  model. Screen: 


6.  Gold:
Now what  greater  Gold  the  larger  and  richer  model.
Now  + k  gold  exhibited  as follows:  4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22 and 26  units. (= 117)  (before (= 112)

7+.  And a lot of small changes. 

  • Scenery: \ Bosses: \ Drop \ Enemies:
1.  Boss  Cali:
Now,  attack range 415  . U  (was 155)  (abuzy boss some ways removed)
rotation speed  is now  0.25  (was 0.5)
Ch. attack  and  regen-health  are rounded to the bottom  (for example, was 17 was 15)  and  run  the other way around.
2.  Arena:  Screen:  http://4put.ru/view-max-picture.php?id=3520542
- It may seem that arena has become smaller, but it's all because of the way it is =)
- Finalization of scenery  on stage.
- Added  many blockers the way .
- arena slightly reduced  from the left and top sides .
- Added  some  stones  and passages in the arena. 
- if you take into account the weakening of the "Kawara and fix this, the runners will be a little more difficult.
3.  Login and areas in the vicinity  of Elysium Cali:  Screen:  http://4put.ru/view-max-picture.php?id=3520546
- Completely  remade the scenery .
- Now you can  go to several  parties.
- place a little split by the enemy position in new areas. 4.  The second brother 
Azlagor:  moved slightly below the floor for more convenient. 
5 6.  Completion  of scenery in the  Hydro station entrance and exit
Finalization  of scenery in the near lying territories  Hydro station in common, Big turtle tank and Storage

7+And a lot of small changes.

  • Items:
0 . Added  two new items
-  Armor Warrior  \  Armor Warrior 
Armor  of the opposite sex  your character  will not be able  to wear!
(On the drop rate, with whom, how to do, and so will infa later.)

1.  Bag with Kuhn:
Cooldown  is now  10  seconds .  (was 9.6)
damage  is now  240  units.  (was 260)
Added  a mark total damage  which can not privysit  840 units.
Added and  corrected all the special effects, the ability to reduce the range.

2.  blade chakra:
damage  is now  45 units, ck.. Attack  is now  + 30%  (it was 40 and 20)

3.  Sword of the Deep:
The damage  is now  50 units, ck.. Attack  is now  + 20%  (it was 40 and 15)
4.  Hammer Giant:
Health  is now  500 units.  (was 400)
Completely  Changed  the effect  of slowing down(for more details in the description of the object itself)
Fixed and  added new  descriptions. 5. Silver Sword: Damage  Now  22%  (was 20) Fixed effect damage and description, and is also now only works on melee combat.  (were any) 6. Carapace of a dead man: All stats are tweaked (as a result of weaker than before)  but now  treats  you at a rate of  8 %  . of the damage ability damage Added and corrected description and special effects now requires 150 units of manna(been 0) 7. Ghost Bill: Health  is now  1,600 units(it was 1500) Fixed description. 8. Armor Hokage:  (kage was a little improvement not profitable, correct) Stats  are all now  45  units.  (was 43) Added  additional. effect  + 7 units. . regen health in seconds . Fixed description 9. Embodiment Slug : Damage  is now  60  units.  (was 90) 10. Ring Akatsuki : Regen  chakra  is now  150%  (was 125) Regen  life  is now  10  units.  (was 8) Stats  Now  16  units.  (was 15) Extras. life  for hitting you right now  10 units.  (was 8) Fixed and added more accurate description.







11.  Dagger Shinobi:
The subject is completely redesigned:

Dagger of the first war of the forest shinobi defenders Damage + 30 pcs., Ck. peredvezheniya \ attacks regen health \ chakras 30%
And also increased slightly the sale price.  (Article he no longer gives)
. 12-15  Subjects fire:
Objects:  Fire PlatePrinting phoenixfiery sword Anbu,  got  a special kind of damage  and the new description of your shell will not be replaced.
Friendly Fire  is as follows:  . By 250 ft area attack, fire damage 40 units  orb effect.
It will work  with  vampirism.  (But extra. The damage will not be on the field for only one goal)
Damage  is not blocked  by any kind of protection  (except for items or shield blocking damage Gaara)
16.  Dagger Shinobi:
The damage  is now  + 15  (was 20)

17.  All Mushrooms:
Slightly  reduced  in  price  sale.

18+.  And small changes.
  • Heroes:
General [1]:
The ability to  " Kavamari "
Now is the time 
of invisibility  2.25  sec.  (It was 2.75)
Cooldown  is now  16  seconds.  (It was 15.55)
Mann's cost  is now  80  (was 75)
General [2]:
Change  resist s heroes.
Now the formula calculation of the final receipt of the damage is as follows:
(Examples are shown if you are Do.Drakona and you nuke attack 1000 damage.)
The original  1000 -30%,  then takes resist damage from the object  700  - 33%  =  469  fly at the hero.  (In short,  the original resist  all the heroes  raised  a few)
  • Gaara:
- Skill Q:
at all levels  reduced  to  0.15h  of  the mind.
Mann's cost 
is now  140 + 40  (was 130 + 35)
Fixed all descriptions
  • Mangetsu:
- Increased damage since ur 2 talents. on 10 \ 20 \ 35 \ 55 
  • Haku:
Skill the Q :
is now  15 seconds.  All ur (It was 13 - 15.7)
Damage Modifier  is now  2.5x  by  Agility  (was  1.7 )
Mann-cost  all ur. Now  63 +27  units. for ur.  (it was 66 28)
The mill  is now  0.01 + 0.08  for ur. as a result of  0.73  (it was 0.25 in all)  (now the mobs at 0.12 + 0.18  (it was 0.50 in all)
- Skill W:
Range caste is now  660  (was 415)
Mann-cost  all ur. Now  63 +27  units. for ur.  (it was 75 30)
Skill the R :
Cooldown  is now  110 -3  sec. for ur.  as a result of 95  (115 -haotichno was eventually 99)
  • Tayuya :
The hero  accelerated projectile.
Amendments model.
- Skill the R:
Fixed attack range.
- Now  regen-health  will  rise  to the level of the Giants, namely  1 + 1 for ur.  (It was all ur 0.5.)
- Skill the W :
 is now  19 1  sec. eventually  28  seconds.  (it was 18.6-28.7)
Fixed description.
  • Rock Lee:
- Skill R:
Wu Li is no longer subtracted% of life for hitting gates.

Download:  Naruto world RPG v2.88Qf - Nrpg 2.88qf.w3x
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